September 19, 2016 23:05

What scratched hand .What itches the right or left hand

Question itchy hands can be analyzed from the point of view of science or folklore.If science understanding, and a desire to scratch the hand is determined by its pollution, worsening of the sensitivity of nerve endings, or some disease, the folk art has gone much further and are associated with human hands take a whole lot of variety.

most meaningful and pleasant to each person believed - itchy palm of his right hand, which is an omen of material enrichment.The degree of enrichment is directly proportional to the strength of itch, the more itchy - the more money you get.It is believed that for the realization of this prediction in life must be hard to squeeze his hand into a fist, to kiss him, and lowered into the pocket, let go.Some advise during itching rub on the palm of some red object or use the reverse side of the worktop.Another interpretation of itching right hand - he predicts the imminent meeting and shaking hands.

addition to decrypt itching large parts of the hand, the liter
ature you can find a detailed description of the effects that are preceded by itching in each of the five fingers.For example, the thumb itching always associated with good luck and good fortune, itchy finger promise advancement in career or academic success.Itching of the middle finger, as well as his right hand, portends receive considerable profit, the ring indicates the loss of the attention of others to your person.Most sad news predicts an itch in his little finger - you will fast failure.But even with the failure can be overcome, for this, use a gold ring - put it on your finger and do not remove until the itching does not pass.

In contrast to right - left hand is not as positive in terms of predicting the future.Itchy left palm presages spending money, and itching of the left wrist - and worse, he predicts the imminent imprisonment.There is another version of justifying the appearance of a sharp desire to scratch his left wrist - suddenly surging negative emotions.In any case, if you see that a man scratching his left wrist - Stay away from him.

Folk omens there are long, but despite this, make an unambiguous conclusion about their correctness is not possible.Believe it or not - you decide, but just in case, keep a small piece of red material, suddenly a sign associated with obtaining wealth come true ...