September 19, 2016 23:05

Why I'm scared .How to get rid of fears

emergence of temporary fear - it is absolutely normal for each person.Not fine if these fears turn into phobias, panic brought you up and literally prevent you live.It is not necessary to hope that from this state, you will be able to get out on their own, usually such fears lead to more serious consequences.Let's see what are the most common phobias.

1 Fear of disease.Often people are afraid of the disease, leading passive lifestyle.They literally just that and doing that are sitting at home and invent new terrifying diagnoses.If you caught yourself thinking that you are one of these people and that you react badly to any changes in your body - occupy yourself with something.Like sports, get for yourself a fascinating hobby, often try to communicate with people and be in nature.If you are an active person, but the fear of the disease is still not leaving you - then most likely it is the consequences of the loss of fear.

Fear of loss.You may be afraid of losing everything.For example, in c
ase of illness is likely to lose his job, a loved one, their traditional way of life.In addition, you can torment the fear of losing money that may be needed for treatment.In this case, stop and think: all that you have - it just means your existence.For example, the job can always be changed, a loved one, throw you in difficult times, in fact, does not deserve your love, but the financial side - it is generally the least that should worry you.Certainly there are those who just do not throw you in the lurch.Learn to trust the world, people and myself.

fear of old age. fear of old age is capable of, so to speak, to paralyze the mind.You only think about how a few years later you will become weak, the sick, the blind, and anyone unnecessary.People who binds this fear, did not want to think about the fact that many elderly people are engaged in sports, travel, interest rates are recorded on and live a bright new life.Stop being a pessimist and learn all over to see the positive side.

fear of death.It can be self-fear, and may be due to fear of aging.Once and for all it is necessary to realize that death - is inevitable, but it comes only once.Do not always think about it, you need to breathe and enjoy life as much as possible.

water Fear of the dark, heights, confined space, flying on an airplane, etc.All of these fears contain a hidden subtext, and are just the tip of the iceberg.In fact, you are not afraid of water, you are afraid of drowning.You are not afraid of the dark, you're afraid that in the dark.You are not afraid of heights - You're afraid of falling.You are not afraid of closed space - you are afraid of losing freedom.If the meeting with these fears can be avoided if you wish, you fly on a plane for some are an integral part of life, but nevertheless continue to cause panic.Try to ignore the situation, listen to your favorite music on headphones, read a book, get acquainted with neighbors in the chair.All this makes it easier to survive the flight.

Various kinds of fears can be listed endlessly, but the cause of any of them to be found in his subconscious.Try to look into the eyes that scares you.Understand that you are stronger than your thoughts.Treat with a positive in everything that happens to you.If you realize that your fears are powerless before - then, perhaps, you should consult a therapist, and treat it with medication.