September 19, 2016 23:05

How to charm a woman .How to bewitch beloved

If woo his girlfriend courtship fails to achieve its goal, some men have resorted to the rites of love spell.As a self-enchant the object of his love and what nuances should be borne in mind, read on.

Women's physiology puts its mark on energy: during the menstrual cycle occurs self-cleaning biofield girl, so vorozhenie conducted in such a period, it may be ineffective.In this connection, it is desirable to carry out spell the woman three times in one month.Otherwise, the spell of male and female is different.

Note that if you bewitch the girl, and after realize that it did nothing and did not want to continue to go through life together, spell necessarily need to be removed!Otherwise, the fate of the former lover will be irretrievably mutilated.

In terms of astrology, all the magical rites connected in loving relationships, it is better carried out at the growing moon, and preferably on Friday, when the active influence of Venus.

If you are employees or good friends, h
ave the option to drink water with incantation sweetheart at work or in a cafe.The day before, fill a glass beaker with clean water from 23:00 to 24:00.Keep a glass in his left hand and right to carry on its edge 7 circles, repeating each name chosen one.Then put the glass on the window sill so that the moonlight fell on it.The next day, this can be diluted with water and any drink to treat the girl.

presented a gift to live red rose growing in a pot, which before watering during the week the water with incantation.Prepare this water is simple: pour it into a glass, light a church candle.Carrying around a candle cups of water, let slip three times a conspiracy, then crossed himself.

privorotnye hex can be done on ringed gifts: a ring, bracelet, chain, ring-shaped earrings.For the ritual need a dark piece of cloth, 2 red candles, candlestick 2, 3 red roses and essential rose oil.In the candlelight scratched with a needle "(girl's name) is passionate about (the name of the man)," break out onto the pitch and put a slide on the table, a small amount of oil to lubricate a gift and candles (from the bottom to the wick).Prepared candles to put on the right and left of the rose petals and decoration to place on the hill.Palms make circular movements in a clockwise direction over the gift and saying a love plot.Then you must wait until the candles burn through to the end, and wrap a gift in the prepared tissue where it should be up to the moment of delivery.

Ways love spell many, but perhaps the most effective are the attention, grooming, and a sincere concern for the beloved.Open fully to her, if you think this is worth it, and then the girl will be able to truly appreciate it, and may respond to you in return.