September 19, 2016 23:05

How to get rid of the evil eye .Traditional ways of getting rid of the evil eye

If you are sure that you are jinxed - try to get rid of the evil eye on their own.If exposed to something important, your efforts will not have any effect, but on the contrary may hurt even more.Therefore, before carrying out any such procedure should consult a professional.

There is an old proven way to know whether a person is subjected to the evil eye.However, it does not give a perfect result.To check the availability of the evil eye, take a glass of water, as well as nine ordinary matches.Burn all the matches, setting fire to one another.After that, drop them one by one into a glass, accompanying words.You have to say each number of matches, starting "Do not ninth, ..." and ending with "... is not the first."If at least one of the abandoned matches took vertical position or drowned, probably has the evil eye.The more matches - the more likely it.

The easiest way to remove the evil eye - to use the holy water.Suitable water from the church consecrated a priest, or water in which lay
consecrated cross.Enter this water in a vessel, and then three times with wash her face.Then wipe the face of hem a skirt or dress.This method is great for kids and adults.In addition, the water can be put on the night in the bed headboard.Before going to bed with the help of thoughts, send all the negative energy in the vessel.This mental exercise will also save you from the evil eye.

can remove the evil eye, and with the help of an egg.Sit down at the table and put a glass embossed with egg in front of him.Place your hands around the cup as if he would like to take it.Without touching it, read the prayer.It is believed that after the egg will take all the negative energy.

If it is necessary to remove the evil eye from another person - using church candle.You need to light it, and holding in their hands, walk around it three times.During the movement of the prayer read.After extinguish the candle and carried her from the room.

Rites to remove the evil eye are numerous and familiar to us for a long time.So that you do not have to remove the evil eye has imposed, in every possible way try to protect themselves from its imposition.As a talisman great help to the church a cross or a special amulet.If none of this at hand is not - help pin pinned to the wrong side of the garment.