September 19, 2016 23:05

How to develop the brain .How to increase the level of intelligence and flexibility of thinking .The article provides effective methods for improving brain health .

What is your dream job?Open a business, get a doctorate, to reach an understanding with children, to travel around the world?Whatever your desire, it is achievable.Psychologists have proved that with the need for a person appears and energy for its implementation.Limitations occur only in our mind, which is why it is necessary to develop the brain, accustomed to this as a daily gymnastics.

Our brains are tuned to operate according to our thoughts, and if you believe that there is no way - it does not offer you a single option.To succeed, learn to think positively, read affirmations, raise self-esteem, go to the psychological training, learn from people who have already achieved what you want to have.

Become ambidexterity: learn to do everything left-handed as well as right.Draw two hands simultaneously.Try to draw a triangle with one hand while the other circle.It synchronises the work of the cerebral hemispheres.

Stay in the present moment.For a more acute sense of "here and no
w" block one of the sensations.For example, take a shower with your eyes closed, completely surrendering to sensations.Work with their fears, the mind, squeezed into their clutches, can not operate at full capacity.Write a list of what you are afraid, and do so (keeping reasonable care and a sense of proportion!).

invent new and exciting ways to use familiar objects.Come up with 20 options, how you can use, such as a stool.Take a new, unusual for you a hobby.For example, if you are an office worker, go hiking, if you manual worker, read at your leisure materials in physics or philosophy.

Solve every day for several logical problems.Make up mind maps.Read the literature of different genres and directions.Master the method of blind typing.Play chess, preferably with a stronger opponent.Analyse events and find parallels between seemingly unrelated things.In any situation, look for the source of the problem, look deeper.

Eat foods that are useful for the brain, drink plenty of water.Easy hunger stimulates the brain and prevent it from over-eating.Keep your posture straight!Exercise, deep breathing - it relieves stress, which adversely affects the functioning of the brain.Get enough sleep, but do not sleep too long.

Here is an incomplete list of ways to help you develop a brain and tune it to achieve the desired objectives.Valuable advice for intellectuals: more laugh.SRAs comedy and humorous transmission, read the jokes and funny stories, because laughter is not only prolongs the life and improves its quality.It positively affects the mind, making the mind flexible and capable of solving problems.