September 20, 2016 23:06

How to overcome self-doubt .How to increase self-esteem

Diffidence much trouble to the owner, because it mainly affects people, fine-feeling vulnerable, prone to empathy.Our unconscious is arranged so that the first impression we make on the subject for a few seconds and it is extremely difficult to change.So insecure people heavily promoted at work, enjoy the pleasure of communication to build relationships with the opposite sex.For all its merits diffident man his whole appearance shows people that do not believe in yourself and not worthy of great things, pulling the appropriate attitude.To know how to overcome self-doubt, you need to understand where its origins are taken.

main reason any complexes - a dislike to him.To deal with shyness - it is like trying to stop a ripple on the water, rather than to remove the cause of its occurrence.Why do you need in the first place by raising self-esteem.Take a piece of paper and a pen and write at least 50 of its positive qualities, no less!Then learn them in memory, every day and every night, start to fini
sh reading this list.Do not listen to their concerns, just say, try to add the voice of confidence and warmth towards themselves.This practice makes up for as long as you do not have to become natural to think so much about myself, as long as this list will not be a part of your self-esteem.

Shy people like render themselves to the judgment of others, rather than to define their own success criteria.How would you look if you were self-confident?Think about how you dress, how were talking, like spending free time in which to work, etc.Consider the image in detail and presents it as often as possible.Your unconscious over time will begin to look for options for how to bring you to this image.

Remember all the moments in your life when you felt and expressed themselves confidently.Record events, even from an early age (it's all the same were you).Refer to this list as soon as begin to feel tightness.

Write a list of what you hesitate to do or what fear (for example, to communicate, to speak to the audience to dance in public, etc.), not less than 10 points.Put assess each of your fear on a scale from 1 to 10. And now consistently work through their systems, starting with the most harmless.That is, if you hesitate to talk to passers-by, and the need to make a theatrical etude makes you panic, start with the first.Go towards the fear - and he will retreat.

Keep a diary of victories.Burn it all their own, even the smallest, to achieve.Praise yourself as much as possible.

Remember, how you are perceived by others, it depends on how you perceive yourself.To overcome lack of confidence in your power, because it is hidden only in your thoughts.Manage them and be happy!