September 20, 2016 23:06

How to protect against the evil eye .How to protect yourself from the evil eye and negative energy

evil eye, damage - purposeful negative impact with a view to harm you or your loved ones.Such exposure destroys the protective part of your bio-field, leaving it "holes" through which energy flows away.Remove the negativity yourself is impossible, it is necessary to seek help from professionals.If we are talking about a simple "evil eye" - you "sideways" look and you feel uncomfortable, then protect your biofield against accidental negative can be yourself.

negative psychological attack occurs when the direction of someone in your party unkind look, for example, in transport, in the heat of an argument in the service or in the home, in the skirmish in the store when the sound "yes to you!".Some people are capable of such a phenomenon known as "samosglaz".At the same time a bad mental state, nervous disorders, depression occur because of their own evil thoughts.Long is continuing emotional state contributes to the loss of a large amount of internal energy.Hex, like all diseases, prevention is bett
er than cure.

2 When evil eye is not used black magic, as in damage.It is caused by people, who are called "glazlivymi".Since ancient times, the custom in Russia to consider such people with characteristic features: dark bright eyes, squint while unibrow.In other countries (Mediterranean) - these features can be blue eyes.Therefore, amulets often use blue beads shaped like the human eye.But the owners are not always "bad" eyes have these symptoms.Hex cause people evil, angry, suffering from "black" envy of the welfare of others.Try as much as possible to avoid their society.If communication is inevitable, do not look them in the eye, especially if you do not feel very well.

Protect yourself from the negative can be simple ways to protect your energy bio-field, being in a crowded public place, where the accumulated mass of negative emotions, such as public transport."Close", create a kind of shield for your biofield, to try to close it, and cross your legs and arms.If the allotted glance and crossed posture at this point irrelevant, that connect the fingers - thumb and forefinger, close the contour of the biofield.

With a simple reception "mirroring" close themselves from the evil eye: Imagine that you are protected from all the people with the help of a mirror dome shell of its mirror side facing out.In this way, you protect yourself and reflects all the negative effects, they return back to their messenger.

Prayer her guardian angel - a very effective protection.For the removal of evil eye read the plot, which protects against "evil eye", facing Michael the Archangel: "Archangel Michael, save and have mercy on the black eyes, the gray eyes of the hazel eyes of the eyes of blue and white, from the joyful eyes of dashing eyessave and have mercy, Michael the archangel. "

Always use the best known and most common way to protect the people - Attach a safety pin to any outer clothing inside and always wear it.The pin should be sent with the edge downward.Prior to this pin even lie down for the night icon or three days in the eastern corner of the room.Pin "otzerkalivaet" negative, closes your biofield of its elliptical shape.

Next folk remedy known to many: tie up to his left wrist at three knots woolen thread red.It will protect against the evil eye, block the entrance to negative.To reflect the negative energy, you can use a small round mirror.Put it in your pocket mirror side out.

Use strong protection talismans, amulets, talismans.If you charge the thing, its defenses will increase many times.If there is such a talisman, something important condition: never mention about it, talking to strangers, under any circumstances, do not give it to anyone in his hands.

After talking with nasty, jealous people, you may feel some discomfort and even malaise, weakness.In this conversation, rewound his left hand behind his back and put it in your pocket and do a "fig" or cross your middle and index fingers.Make it a rule - after returning home, take a warm shower, and clean water will wash away the accumulated energy "mud."If that fails, contact the psychic professional help.

After the departure of the guests, especially not very pleasant, not too lazy to wash the floor.In water, add 200 grams of coarse salt in 5 liters of water and then pour it well to the ground.Clear apartment from bad energy helps spark.Before the arrival of a man with a severe energy light them in the room.It's beautiful, and they shall burn the negative.It would be nice to have in the house charms: a horseshoe over the door, the dried stems of hypericum.

Remember, especially the evil eye "clings" to the weak people with unstable mentality.Develop yourself spiritually, bring positive energy.Bright and warm feelings towards the surroundings drawn to your light and goodness.It is not necessary to explain all the problems of the evil eye, they have to look and decide yourself.