September 20, 2016 23:06

How to cure a patient with alcoholism .Treatment of patients with alcoholism .Article on a phased treatment of alcohol dependence in different ways.

When a family has an alcoholic, then suffer all his relatives living nearby.Heart disease, neurological disorders - this is an incomplete list of things that can get households who are in constant stress.If you want to save your loved one, below, we describe the known methods, but first you need to decide whether he is really sick.

terms "drinking" and "alcohol" - is not the same thing.Their main features are similar in fact - immoderate use of alcohol.However, it makes a drunkard because of his limited perception of the world: he can not without a bottle rest, celebrate the holidays and talk to your friends, that is,he mentally defective.And an alcoholic alcohol is dependent on all of its genes to the gut level, and this is serious.Therefore, its treatment requires a combination of many techniques to embrace all aspects of life of the patient.

Now that doubt remained that your loved one an alcoholic and needs to be treated, help him out of the first state of the binge.This can be done
at home or in a detoxification center in the clinic for such patients.The main objective of this assistance is to clean the body of the patient from alcohol and its degradation products, as well as the elimination of disorders of the nervous and cardiac systems.Depending on the degree of poisoning of the body with toxins, the cleaning process can take anywhere from two to ten days.

If the previous process to be successful, you can proceed to a method of persuasion.Alcoholics need to instill that its treatment is possible and necessary, but only on a voluntary basis.This is a mandatory part of the plan, sinceno magic methods will not help without their own desires of the patient.

After patient consent for medical procedures performed therapy aimed at bringing it back to normal organs and systems, worn out after prolonged use of alcohol.At the same time the doctor prescribed to patients vitamins, antioxidants, anti-depressants and physiotherapy.They can be used coding techniques and other ways of getting rid of alcohol addiction.

next stage of treatment begins with maintenance therapy aimed at the rehabilitation of the patient, the formation and consolidation of his sober life skills.This assistance is provided by a psychologist, enabling the alcoholic to realize his error and tune in to a normal life.

When you can not put the patient to a medical facility, you can try to treat it home folk remedies.One of them - a decoction of St. John's wort.To cook it you need chopped herbs in the amount of 4 Art.spoons pour half a liter of boiling water and heat the broth for 20 minutes in a water bath.Admission drug twice a day for ½ cup - in the morning on an empty stomach and before dinner.After a couple of weeks there an aversion to alcohol.

For voluntary request alcoholic can spend in the clinic sensitizing therapy.At the same time in the patient's body is sewn or injected drug, provoking intolerance to alcoholic beverages.Each use of alcohol after this procedure, there are unpleasant consequences in the form of headaches, jumps pressure, cramps, vomiting, chest pain and fall of view.The method is based on the fear of them after drinking glasses of alcohol.

Here, perhaps, and all.Peace to you in the family!