October 24, 2016 23:01

The ink wash .Means for removing mascara

process of removing eye make-up is very delicate.Buying a new mascara, girls rarely think about the future of its flushing eyes before going to bed.The main thing that they care about - that's how it will be persistent throughout the day.But when incorrect removal of waterproof mascara we hurt our eyelashes and the skin around the eyes.So it is better to use, not to hurt your eyes?

water and soap

easiest, but not the best option.If you strongly dry and sensitive skin around the eyes, it is best not to use this method, because the soap will irritate the skin, and redness may occur.Sometimes it is better to replace the male soap shower gel as well as male hygiene products less dry our skin.Due to the drying, many are faced with the problem of premature wrinkles and other flaws on the face.

Tonics Makeup Remover

Eye There are many different tonics.This option is better than the previous one, but these funds are mainly intended for removing make-up from around the face, so they are less e

ffective when they are used specifically for the eyes.To quickly rinse eyes with make-up and tonic, you strongly rub his eyes moistened cotton pad.This procedure will lead to the broken line and loss of eyelashes.Such means is better to use very carefully.Wetted drive should make for a few seconds on the eye, and only then wipe the makeup.

Lotion Eye Makeup Remover

This is a great option for dry skin.Using them, you will not only quick and easy to remove make-up, but also to nourish its epithelium.There are many companies and brands for every taste and color.The most high-quality cosmetics made in France: cosmetics brand Yves Rocher, L'Oreal, Garnier and others.It is also a low cost, but no less quality options are funds of Belarusian brands or domestic.

two-phase fluid for removing makeup from the eyes

two-phase fluid is gently applied to the skin.A special components to help quickly and without damage to the lashes to remove makeup.The best manufacturer of two-phase liquids can be safely regarded as South Korea (for example, the cosmetics brand MISSHA, TONYMOLY, etc.).This country is very concerned about the face and create a means of sparing the natural ingredients.Before using such tools it is necessary to shake.The essence of the two-phase funds - in its dual action.One layer is working on the dissolution of the carcass and its removal, and the second - moisturizes and nourishes the skin.Therefore, the two-phase liquid will be more useful and optimal use.

Folk remedies

If you need to remove makeup, and means for removal is not at hand, you can use any oil.For example, coconut is very good for the skin under the eyes and separately for eyelashes.It both nourishes and does not clog pores.And if you apply it every day just to eyelashes, they become thicker.Similarly acts and olive oil.After removing the carcass with water, wipe your eyes with a cotton pad with olive oil.Another good remedy is petroleum jelly.It is useful and absolutely safe for your skin.To use it, you must first wash off the ink with warm water, and then wiped his eyes with a cotton pad.

Before buying it is important to become familiar with their own means, or to consult with the seller.Choosing a tool thing to remember is that the skin in this area is very delicate and sensitive.So, consider the choice should be very delicately.