October 24, 2016 23:01

How to remove the lashes at home.Removal of extension eyelash

Thanks procedure build your eyes for a short time from the featureless can become charming.Lush and thick eyelashes, of course, decorate the fair half of mankind.But sooner or later the time comes to remove the false lashes.Let's talk, how to do it yourself.

Removing eyelashes special means

If you often build up the lashes, then you need to buy a special tool for their removal.This is the case if you can not get to the master.The gel, creamy or liquid funds allow the most rapidly and painlessly remove the artificial cilia.To remove lashes special means is necessary so:

  1. Take a cotton pad, fold it in half and make the scallops under the eyelid.
  2. Now this disk, attach adhesive tape and glue the disk under the lower eyelid.
  3. Close your eyes and put a cotton swab on the growth of eyelashes tool.
  4. Wait for a while, after that, apply another layer.
  5. glue will soften so as you can with a cotton swab or brush to gradually withdraw the artificial eyelashes.
  6. remove them slowly and do not rush.
  7. When eyelashes successfully removed, rinse the eye and proceed to the next.
  8. After removing the wash eyelashes that means falling into his eyes.

This method is the most convenient and reliable, because the special composition gently and quickly softens the adhesive.

Removing eyelashes vegetable oil

as olive oils fit, burdock, sunflower, castor.It should be noted that this method may not always lead to quick results.And sometimes even not successful, because the glue can not just disappear.Removal Procedure eyelashes oil lasts much longer than the removal of a special tool:

  • Moisten a cotton pad with oil, put it on the eyelashes.
  • Wait until the glue begins to soften.
  • Separate lashes with tweezers and carefully remove them.

Proceed carefully, try not to get into the eye, as well as not to damage your lashes.

Removing eyelashes fat cream

analogue of vegetable oil stands any cream.The main thing that he was bold.Proceed in this way:

  1. Apply a thick layer of cream on the lashes before putting this disk under the lower eyelid.
  2. Then wait a little, let the cream soak into the adhesive.
  3. gently separated with forceps false eyelashes on their own.
  4. Wash thoroughly.

When removing the cream or butter will be easier to shoot beam eyelashes.Individual lashes shoot much harder and much longer.

Recommendations for removal of eyelashes

Shoot House lashes is recommended only in cases where the trip to the salon is not possible.If you've never shot artificial eyelashes, then do it itself will not be easy.So think once again before the build-up, if you can use the wizard to remove such a beauty, because the removal is imminent.Also, after the building and removal should be paid attention to their own cilia.As a rule, the state of them after such a procedure is very pitiable.Take care of the presence of caregivers the means to more quickly restore them.

Remove the false eyelashes on their own is not easy.If you are not confident in their abilities, better leave this matter to the master.If you do decide to take your own lashes, watch the video and find out how to do this wizard.