September 16, 2016 23:03

How to sell an apartment deed .Step by step instructions dedication apartment sale

If you were given an apartment and you have proof of ownership, you have the right to dispose of it at their discretion.For sale need to find a buyer, prepare the package of documents required and to register the transaction.

To realize donated property, you must conclude a contract in accordance with applicable law.Prepare a passport and a certificate of ownership of the object.Refer to the technical inventory and inform the Bureau of his intention.You will be asked to write an application for cadastral extracts.

Then contact the housing office.Write down all the prescribed persons with the object that you want to sell.You should be given an extract from the personal account and the house register.

If you gave only part of the apartment, which is divided into shares in the nature, together with the notary make a notice of the sale of your shares.Send it co-owners of a registered letter.Each of them has the right to redeem the share within thirty days.If they do not exercise the
ir right, you can sell the share to any buyer.

4 Make sure that the apartment looked clean and tidy.Check that the valves are working well, doors, windows, etc.Make minor repairs if necessary.Bring all the room in order.Create an atmosphere of comfort in it and add some bright things - pillows, vases, etc.Making expensive repair does not make sense - such an idea does not pay for itself.

If you want to sell the apartment yourself, place ads in the media.For as much as possible to find a buyer quickly, select a number of ways - newspapers, Internet, flyers, and ads on message boards, etc.You can also entrust the sale of apartments at a real estate office.In this case, select a reliable company (with a license), a good realtor and sign a contract.If you plan to move to another area, inform the agent.In this case, you may want to consider the options exchange, which will save your time for registration and registration of new ownership.

When a buyer is found, enclose it with the contract of sale or barter (if you make the exchange).It must contain the passport details of the parties, a detailed description of the apartment and its cost.Also specify that the apartment no one else is home and is not registered.In exchange agreement the other party shall provide the same information about the apartment.Include in the contract documents, which confirm the powers of the parties to the transaction.After that make up the act of reception and transmission.

Do not forget to apply to the Federal Reserve and register the buyer as the new owner.You will be asked to provide a statement, the contract in triplicate, apartments plan, the seller's right of ownership of the apartment, an extract from the house register, copy of passport, certificate of transfer and acceptance and receipt of the state fee.It is 1000 rubles.When the new owner will receive a certificate of state registration, Sledkov can be considered fully complete.The Fed will issue a certificate within thirty days.

If you were given part of the object, which is divided into percentages, you can not implement it.But you have the opportunity to get the money for this part.If you can not get the money voluntarily go to court.You pay the required amount to compulsion.

process of selling apartments donation is simple.The only drawback may be called the high cost in time.If you have too much of your time, please contact a specialized company, whose staff will draw up a contract and register the new owner.You need to find a buyer and to provide documents.