September 16, 2016 23:03

How to make a lease of non-residential premises .How to draw up a lease of non-residential premises .This article contains information on the procedure of drawing up the lease of non-residential premises .

contract of lease of non-residential premises is a necessary document for the transaction, which specifies the rules for the use of rented property, obligations and the measure of responsibility of the contracting parties.Thus, the preparation of the contract to avoid possible losses as a tenant and the landlord.

The cap contract specifies the exact date and place of his detention.Contract serial number can be assigned, if the component of his party is a legal entity and keep records of such a document.Here are names of the parties, as well as data entities that represent them.

In the next section of the document describes the detailed rights and obligations of the parties.Typically, the landlord is obliged to provide non-residential premises in a suitable condition to carry out its planning and maintenance in accordance with the approved schedule.In this case the landlord has the right to regularly check the condition of the leased object.In the case of damage to property during the ter
m of the contract, he is entitled to claim damages.For the implementation of this paragraph to the agreement attached the act of reception and transmission facilities with a detailed list of property in it, as well as the cost of tangible assets.

separate article of the contract must contain a description of the conditions of use of the premises, as well as measures of the tenant liable for their failure to comply.If the tenant plans to independently carry out the necessary repair work is to provide a separate paragraph order of settlements between the parties.

contract following section contains information on the cost of services provided by the lease, the exact timing and order of payment for them.Particularly refined methods of control obtained tenant utilities.In this case the payer may be the tenant and the landlord, but with the subsequent inclusion of these amounts to the total cost of the room rental.

The final positions determined by the period of the contract, as well as the procedure for its renewal or termination.All disputes arising between the parties are resolved in accordance with the current legislation.The contract must be indicated accurate data, addresses and bank details of the parties.The document is signed in two identical copies.Changes to unilaterally is not allowed.

relevant lease non-residential premises with all legal standards insure the tenant and the landlord of the problems and losses in the future.