September 17, 2016 23:04

How to exchange the privatized apartments .The size of non-privatized housing

Exchange of non-privatized apartments, many experts in the field of real estate equated to the purchase of property on the moon.So the procedure is complicated and limited by legislation.Thus, the change in the non-privatized housing can not be privatized, because municipal flats - defective goods.Here's why ...

For starters, try to find a suitable option of non-privatized housing.It is worth noting that already this stage daunting as municipal square meters left, "one, two and miscalculated."Moreover, you do not have to look for one such apartment, and two, if not more, tenants who do not mind to unite under one roof.

If you have still got to find the right square footage, should clarify the existence of the social contract of employment.If you have not concluded yet, do it now in the municipal authority in your area.

Now you have to collect a package of documents ... very impressive, it is worth noting.It includes: a statement signed by all adult residents in the apartment;Si
ngle housing document that is issued in the dispensation for each apartment, which is involved in the transaction;extract all the previously prescribed by residents;copies of all the personal accounts of apartments;a certificate stating that there are no debts on utility bills;cadastral certificates and plans of apartments;originals and copies of social tenancy contracts, warrants;passports of all adults in the apartment and the birth certificates of children;statements of tenants about the presence or absence of a private residential property;harmonization possible alterations.

Transactions on non-privatized housing are held in a special government agency that deals exclusively with the municipal housing stock.

In case of disagreement, any of the adult residents in the exchange have to find more than one version of the exchange, and then fix the fault and with the help of the court to set the amount of living space, which put everyone ordered.Of course, only if the court verdict on forced exchange.

Exchange of non-privatized apartment complex in practice.However, if you firmly believe in the success, it makes sense to apply to the real estate agency that professionals do the selection of options.