How to deal with the hogweed .How to destroy the cow parsnip on the site

weed called "cow parsnip" are increasingly found not only in villages but also in cities.Huge green bushes choke growing next to it other cultures, but this is not the worst thing.Hogweed is dangerous because in its leaves, stems and flowers contain a poison, which causes severe burns on the human body.Fight hogweed is very difficult, but it is possible.Now we'll tell you about all the ways this terrible destruction of the plant.

cow parsnip can be lime with the help of herbicides - the so-called chemical agents that inhibit weed growth and development.The most famous is the "Roundup", which need to spray the bushes just sprouted.Grown herbicide with water: 100 ml of the product requires 4 liters of water.Young bushes after treatment first turn yellow and then dry up.If the site is heavily contaminated with weeds, then one season "Roundup" can not cope with it.The procedure must be repeated in the spring of next year.Cow parsnip, which has not managed a herbicide, it is necessary to cut the roots.This should be done just before flowering bush that he had not given seed, which retain their viability for 12 years.

If hogweed growing in the area for several years, the earth certainly have a lot of his seed.They will come up every new season, and weed control can last forever.To avoid this, the site of the weed can be arranged lawn.This work is troublesome, but very effective:
  1. Bevel whole weed up by the roots.
  2. Land Cover the geo any, special non-woven fabric used for reinforcing embankments.This may be a "Geokom D" or "Geokom DTM."
  3. Over fabric imported sprinkle the ground.For it is this - it is not a weed seeds.
  4. good tamp the earth and make the layer
  5. 3-5 cm thick. On the ground pour most stable sow lawn grass, for example, intended for the cultivation of sports fields.

3 On the site of the future vegetable beds can not use herbicides, and the lawn will not be there by the way.With hogweed in this case will have to fight with the help of black polyethylene film.Early spring Cover the film section of at least 100 microns thick.Around the perimeter of the film press down to the ground with bricks or other heavy objects.On the surface of the film, too, lay something heavy to cow parsnip not raise shelter.If hogweed growing in the area recently, over the summer it will burn the bushes under the film from the sun.New seeds in the ground will not fall, because the bushes under the film does not bloom.

happens that the cow parsnip on a garden site appears as a single plant.To deal with such "stray" copies a bit easier, but it should be done again before flowering.With a sharp knife or spade and cut off the bush so that the left part of the stem height of 4-5 cm above the ground in a place you will see a deepening of -., Pour into it the same herbicide or even a tablespoon vinegar essence.On stem stump wear a dark bag and strapped it tight rubber band.

Do not forget that the cow parsnip is extremely poisonous.All work on its destruction do with gloves.Always wear a tight suit and sunglasses protect the eyes.This is especially true of sunny days, when the plant is most actively allocates burning juice.

Finally, if your neighbors also growing that horrible cow parsnip, then deal with it should immediately at both sites.Hogweed seeds carried by the wind is great, and if your neighbors do not remove your weeds, then your work will be in vain.