October 02, 2016 23:00

How to check the registration of the company .Tips for checking the company's registration

In recent years, the number of fraud companies has risen dramatically.So before you accept the offer of an organization, check its registration.You can use several options.

1 Go to the main website of the Federal Tax Service - "E-Services" located in the top menu.Click on it - will open a page where you'll see the option "Check yourself and the contractor."Click on it and you will have access to the necessary information.Fill in the fields of all the data that you know about the company.

2 Enter the code and click on "Start Search".Then you will see the page now.If companies do not officially exist, it simply will not be registered in the database.If you see that you enter the address of several companies registered - there is reason to guard.Probably some of them (or all of) keep illegal activity.

Also on this site is blacklisted companies who do not pay taxes or rent statements.Be sure to check it.But remember that the database is updated at different times, so at
the time of viewing the company may have to get out from the black list.You have every right to visit the tax office at the place of residence and ask consultants to give you an extract from the state register.You will be asked to pay 200 rubles and will provide information for five consecutive days.

If you urgently need to get information about the reliability of the data, you can make an urgent request.In this case, you will be given information about the company on the following day, but will have to pay 400 rubles.There are commercial law companies that cooperate with the Federal Tax Service.

you can apply to one of them and ask them to check you are interested in the company.The cost of such services ranges from 400 to 800 rubles.But this method is justified - you get the information immediately or within twenty minutes.Visit the police station where you live and ask them to check the head of the company.There is a list of persons who have no right to occupy executive positions.

If the director is not listed there, it means that everything is in order.This service costs $ 100.You will get the information within five days.Ask the employee organization to show you a copy of the registration documents.Company registration information, the registration of its establishment, the organization's charter is not confidential.It confirms the guarantee and the legality of the company.Therefore, if you are denied this simple request - think about the integrity of its employees.

7 Type in any search engine the name or address of the organization you are interested in.Did you run into forums or reviews from other people who are discussing the company's activities and share information.You can also see the article reporters who investigated the events of the company.So you know if there is a company and whether it has been in legal activity.

If you used to believe only, check the company on the legality and integrity of their own.You can also introduce the buyer or accept the services of the company and thus learn about the service and quality of its products, which also says a lot about the company.

When testing companies try to use several ways.The official website of the changes made in the register upon receipt of the information.The company may change the address, and you will receive outdated information, which has not yet had time to update.