How to start a small business .The algorithm for the creation of small businesses

Millions of people, hoping to increase their income, and gain independence, think about starting a business.But most of the idea and the idea remains just because failed businessmen do not know where to start.

business idea.That is what is at the source of entrepreneurship.To determine the type of business, analyze your skills, your experience and theoretical knowledge.Maybe you are an expert in any field of demand?Conduct market research, study the supply and demand of goods and services in their chosen field.Examine your potential competitors.

Opportunity Assessment.When it was decided what exactly will you do, consider their financial capabilities.It did not have enough own funds and have to take out a bank loan or attract investors.Do you need a partner or cope alone.We'll have to rent a room or whether you can work from home.You may need training or special equipment.

financial side.Not all banks are willing to issue loans and loan novice businessmen.We'll have to try and look for a bank with the most favorable conditions for the entrepreneurs.Our state has different programs to support small businesses.It may be free courses for the development of activities, the payment of certain expenses, assistance in obtaining a loan or grant.

Business Plan.Some amateurs entrepreneurs neglect this important part of the beginning and development of business.But a business plan is needed.It signs in detail, what product or service you are offering, the method of implementation, a clear definition of potential customers and competitors all start-up costs.You must be calculated all the risks and possible losses and display the general profitability of the business.If you doubt that it equipped to deal with writing a business plan, consult a specialist.

Next comes the official part.Select the name of the company.It should be « speaking » and memorable.Remember that businesses are located in the directories in alphabetical order, and thus the name of the first letters of the customer will see before the others.You should also choose the organizational - legal form (LLC, JSC, or IP) and register the company.Then you need to open a bank account.Think about your accounts, whether you carry it yourself, hire an accountant or contact a consulting agency.

Some activities require certain permits and licenses.You should also think carefully about the room is that it is also brought to the rule.This can be a certain yardage, number of floors, the ban on the basement, the presence of windows, etc. Do not forget about the requirements for employees -. Health books, licenses, work permits, special education.

Advertising - the motor trade.Responsibly Treat PR campaign the company.Do not skimp on advertising, use different ways to express themselves: the Internet, flyers, outdoor advertising, print media, and in regions even radio and TV are available.In order to attract customers make the emphasis on competitive advantage.This may be the proximity, low prices, free shipping, promotions and gifts.

to your small business became successful, competitive and stable one ambition is not enough.It will be ready for what will have to make a lot of mental work and physical effort.