October 05, 2016 23:02

How to buy land from the state.How to buy land from the state

Earth that does not have a host, belongs to the state.State property is sold, is available for rent and is transmitted free irrevocable ownership. This process is fraught with its own characteristics.

expediency of buying is as follows:
  • inherited property on public land becomes the property only through the purchase of the site from the state or the community;
  • If you have used their right to privatize, but want to build another house on the territory of the state property;
  • If privatized plot of your property is less than stated in the documents, then the difference can be purchase from the state.

Apply to the local administration or village council, which specify:
  1. location area;
  2. purpose;
  3. size and area;
  4. agreed to make an advance.

By application attach documents, if available:
  • document for the use of land;
  • document on property located on a plot of land;
  • copy of the passport.

advance payment shall not exceed 20% of the area expert assessment on
state rates.Legislative authority will consider your request within a month, and then will be notified of the authorization or refusal for the purchase of land.If you have specified in the statement reliable data, the list of documents attached, ready to make an advance payment and the object of the application is not a protected area, the refusal should not follow.

After a positive decision, refer to the local administration for the conclusion of the advance payment of the contract. Next make necessary the bag and keep the receipt.After payment of the assertion of a contract above the authorized bodies and the preparation of documents to the alienation of state property in favor of the buyer.

After approval documentation sign a contract of purchase and sale.Most such transactions involved a notary, who works directly with government agencies.The great advantage is the ability to delay the payment of debt.Dates are determined by agreement between the parties, but will not exceed 10 years.

On within 30 calendar days, you must pay 50% of the expert value of land at the expense of the state to provided details.The remaining amount is divided into equal parts.Regular payment must be carried out not less frequently than once a quarter .In case of delay imposed penalty, provided by the contract.

Contents object you can only after full payment of the debt.To get the state act must be taken in the local authorities the technical documentation on the acquired land.These documents give land management organizations.

Get the state certificate on the purchased land you can in the state land cadastre agencies.registration procedure can take up to six months.