October 05, 2016 23:02

How to open a travel agency .5 steps to open your own travel agency

At first glance, the tourist business seems colorful and almost carefree.But the organizer of another holiday should do much work, take into account all the nuances and wishes of the client, provide a comfortable, relaxing holiday.If you are willing to work in this field you need to know the secrets of a successful start travel agencies.

For rent office and fitted.Choose a convenient location in terms of transportation, so that the client can easily find the right doors.It would be nice to have a close parking.The interior of the premises should be made into a laid-back style, every detail must customize the visitor to enjoy the upcoming trip.It is important to gain the trust of the tourist, so hang on the walls of all sorts of diplomas and certificates, diplomas suitable even for participation in the contest or charity event.

select personnel.A skilled manager will be expensive, but it was his work brings us an income, so do not skimp.For a start will be enough of the two managers, an
d if one of them will be able to concurrently perform the duties of an accountant - is just fine!

issue documentation.In Department of Tourism Ministry of Economic Development shall submit an application for the grant of a license.The application should be accompanied by a number of documents:
  • certificate of business registration (either as a notarized copy);
  • document of registration with the tax office (or a copy);
  • copy of the diploma of the individual entrepreneur and registry number;
  • data on the office premises;
  • health certificate (to listen to a lecture in the sanitary and epidemiological stations);
  • employment records of employees.The director of the organization's books and at least a quarter of the staff should znachitsya work experience in the tourism sector by three years.

Choosing a tour operator.From the cooperation with them depends on our success, so we conclude a contract with a reliable, experienced company.At the same time, do not forget to check all the certificates of tour operator, his contract of compulsory insurance, register number and financial position of the organization.Only after a thorough study of the future partner begin to work together.

To increase the flow of customers can not do without advertising.A lot of it does not happen, we order the maximum, based on the company's budget.At the same time run a website and otherwise its PR.Clients offer round selection and advice online.

After the start is important not to slow down the pace, constantly expanding list of destinations and routes.Perhaps in the first year of the company's profits will not be high, but each subsequent season will bring new customers, and with them - more revenue.Once rested you «perfectly well", the tourist will come again, and even friends will.