October 05, 2016 23:02

How to increase store sales .Increase sales of retail store

High demand and a great activity trading point - the dream of every owner of the shop.But this happiness does not fall from the sky, there will have to work hard.After reviewing sales strategies, perhaps just a month to significantly increase turnover.What is the secret of the rapid success?

first goal of the entrepreneur - to increase the flow of customers.The more people visited the store, the more of them were real buyers.The most effective way to attract CROS-recognized events today.They are held together with other interested companies, while both companies remain in the win.If we have a shoe store, we invite you to cooperate, for example, a clothing store.Our buyers receive a discount flyers in shop-partner, while the latter offers customers discounts on our products.Thus, we share a target audience that soon will bring income.

Useful there will be also other methods of promotion.Placing «foot» (stands with store advertising) in the immediate vicinity of the entrance, we once a
gain remind the person about their existence and cordially invite you to visit.

And if you advertise on the dash «coverage» the store, that is the active zone of its action, we will attract customers from neighboring territories.For example, the "coverage" of the product market - it is nearby the house.We order the colorful posters and hang out in a radius of 500 meters, and then obtain new customers.

Do not forget about advertising messages in the press, on radio and TV, on the niche sites and public transport.These ads, though pall simple townsfolk, however, do his business, forming in the human mind a positive image of the store.

In pursuit of new customers is important not to miss the already established customer base.Moreover, that keep the buyer - it is much cheaper than to attract a new one.Develop a system of accumulation of bonus cards, thereby motivating the next time we come to it.Periodically we organize occasional events, encouraging customer favorite.

Control the right merchandising in the sales area.If the goods are laid out in a dignified manner, the buyer all clear, every position you can touch and see, he is sure to be interested in something.This talent sales assistant should be supplemented by strategic knowledge - how to interest a person correctly answer the objections and thus bring it to the cashier.

Increase the amount of the check.Here, too, the main role is given to consultants, so do not skimp on professional training for the staff.Ideally, the seller must offer related product and convince the buyer that purchased two positions - it is necessary, or simply good.Thus, we get more traffic, which means greater profits.

Together with the optimization of the store should be carried out and regularly check for compliance with the needs of the audience.Quality of service is usually checked by «Mystery shopper», the necessary range - analysis of most running products, the ability to upgrade the outlet - questionnaires.Only by combining a high level of current work and the pursuit of development we will get high sales and consumer liking.