November 04, 2016 00:02

How to pour the concrete floor .Pouring concrete floor

To make reliable, durable flooring, give preference to the concrete.Previously, concrete floors were equipped exclusively on industries where they account for a large load or outbuildings, such as garages, basements.But with the advent of new technologies, namely a heated floor, they began to organize in the houses, because even and dry concrete surface is a good quality basis for any kind of floor covering.

1 Building material Concrete - a relatively cheap and accessible.Working with him is simple, requires no special training, so many owners choose to make such floors in the construction of a house or apartment repairs.Before filling the floor you need to prepare a tool that will be used in the process, and to explore the technology.

poured concrete floor in several stages:

  • Production base for the floor;
  • waterproofing and thermal insulation of the future concrete floors;
  • formwork and reinforcement of the floor;
  • Preparation of concrete solution and filling;
  • screed or leveling concrete pavem

When you do the floor in the apartment, first remove the old finish and remove the old tie to the ground.Work will have to punch, since the thickness of the screed - about five centimeters.Next, you need to remove all dust and carefully sweep.

The house preparatory work a little harder.With the level expose the zero and carry the mark on the perimeter walls.Then realize excavation 25-30 centimeters, then the surface is leveled and compacted rammer, often homemade.Then it should be done five-centimeter dumping of gravel and ten-centimeter sand.Each layer is thoroughly compacted.After a sprinkle of sand gravel, 10 cm thick. It is recommended to use the mid-fraction.This layer should be compacted quality and to prevent sharp edges sticking out of rubble.On top of it is light powder sand again.

waterproofing done Next.As it is possible to use plastic wrap or roofing material.Waterproofing should be spread out over the entire area of ​​the room.The joints are placed overlapped and glued, and the edges are displayed for zero mark.On top of waterproofing insulation spreads.One of the materials is very quite good - a concrete block.Because it makes vysypku and leveled it.

floor reinforcement do if a large load will be carried out on it.As an armature using iron or plastic lattice.The grid is placed on a small stand that, when there will be filling fittings with it represented the single monolith.

To make it easier to conduct a fill in large rooms, put the formwork.To do this, you can apply shalevku or board.To guide you can take a tube or timber.Decking exhibited zero point and divided by the size of the squares, it was convenient to fill in for one or two times.

strength and durability of the floor depends on the number of fills.The best thing - to do it in one go.If you have the chance, make ready-mixed concrete in the factory, but if not - it will have to prepare yourself.You will need to prepare sand, cement, water and gravel, also need a cement mixer.In a mixer, pour the prepared material at the rate of: cement bucket, two buckets of sand, half a bucket of water and four buckets of gravel.The solution mix well and pour into a square.Then shovel flatten concrete solution inside the square and seal it.

When fill multiple squares, surface level rule.It rests on the guide rails and extends itself.Excess concrete fills the void - and it turns smooth surface.In flooded areas must be removed formwork to pour and level of emptiness, then poured on the floor.Freshly poured floor should to stand for three days, it regularly wet with water to avoid cracking.Then you need to close the film until fully cooked.

When fully grasp the floor, you need to apply the screed.Prepare a solution of the liquid cement and put on the floor.Doing this it is recommended by the far wall to the door.Screed must to stand for three days, is to moisten it every day, and then it can be laid coating.

As you can see, to make a qualitative concrete floor, you need to spend a lot of time and effort, but if you did everything correctly, the surface will last for many years.