November 05, 2016 00:02

How to uproot the trees .How to remove the tree from the plot

uprooting of old wood can be compared with the removal of the tooth of the patient.This process is the same tortuous, requiring great physical effort and the right approach.The whole blame - a complex root system.And gardeners and plant lovers of simple technique is not suitable for this kind of work.However, adhering to some of the recommendations, you can easily clear a spot on the patient or unwanted wood with their hands.

should immediately make a reservation, that the process of uprooting described below will apply to the territory of the cleaning.For example, when purchased new infield, and for further development it is necessary to put in order and get rid of trees and old stumps.Otherwise, the foundation of the house can be destroyed.To do this you will need:
  • shovel;
  • chainsaw;
  • ax;
  • staircase;
  • chemicals (if necessary).

Consider mechanical method.Rate tree size, which should be uprooted.If the diameter is less than 20 cm then it may be possible to get rid of him with a shove
l.It is desirable that it was a garden.If the tree is situated near the buildings, before the clearing necessarily cut all of its lateral branches.If you do not, if dropped it may cause damage to buildings.Hold the ladder to a tree or building a goat and drank themselves top of the barrel.Take uprooting the bottom of the tree trunk.To do this, insert the spade under the root of the remaining plants and push down on the handle.A good sign is the sound cuts off the roots.If the shovel creaked, then very gently try to remove it, otherwise it may break.Important: facts breakage garden shovel quite common, so you should be extremely cautious.

If the tree trunk diameter of 20 to 40 cm, while the process of removal will be more time consuming.Obkopayte tree from all sides.The trench depth must be large and wide in diameter otherwise not accessible to the roots.Tip: experts dig a trench a radius greater than the minimum diameter of the tree trunk three times.the most massive roots will be closer to the surface.Proceed to the cockpit of an ax.If, as described above, is produced, and the rests of wood lost fixed, you can split the stump with a hammer or a chainsaw to saw.To do this, first stump Break into two parts, and then gradually chipping away pieces.When the tree becomes shaky or perhaps a rope can be stretched under the stump, using physical force, pull the stump.It is advisable at this stage to have assistants and apply only the efforts of the leg muscles, not your back.

can also uproot the stump with the help of ground blur.To do this, dig up the stump near the deep pit and with a large water pressure wash the soil around the tree.Once naked tree roots, and cut off them and pull the tree from the ground.

Another popular method of uprooting - the chemical.It is a long time, but it does not require much effort.To get rid of the tree stump in this method, drill a few holes and fill nitrate, urea or pour his usual salt.What to do - wait!About a year later the stump will be turned into dust.

Depending on the method chosen, the result must be one - the tree will be uprooted.Mechanical application method needs a great effort is less silozatratnym chemical, but it requires much time.If the tree can not be, you can always refer to specialists in the arsenal are a variety of techniques.