How to clean the joints between the tiles.Cleaning the joints between the tiles

After some time after make repairs seams between the tiles become untidy, messy look.The appearance of mold and attacks is due to dampness, exposure to steam and water.Warm and moist environment - the ideal place for the development of fungi.And if you delay the process of cleaning the seams, it will now be harder to deal with this scourge.We will help you to master the technique of cleaning the seams with suitable tool and simple that you can do at home.

People's method of preparation of bleach to remove dirt from the tile joints in the home:
  1. in half a liter of water is necessary to pour a hundred and fifty grams of baking soda, one hundred grams of citric acid solution and a hundred grams of vinegar.
  2. When you pour acid in the soda solution, then add slowly, otherwise turn violent reaction and the contents spill.
  3. All required Shake to mix.
  4. Apply this solution to be careful before you start to work with it, you want to open a window for ventilation.
  5. work in rubber gloves is recommended, since the bleach is aggressive enough.
  6. toothbrush or a paint brush, apply the solution on the joints.
  7. Let them stand for about fifteen minutes to dissolve all dirt and then rinse with a damp cloth.

Also clean the joints between the tiles and get with other solutions:
  • Mix vinegar and water in equal proportions.The solution is sprayed onto the surface that is cleaned with a stiff brush.Do not use a metal tool!Dirt is washed off with water, then the tile is processed again with the same solution.It remains only to dry the work area.
  • Take 100 ml of hydrogen peroxide to 200 ml water.When processing in a similar way to wash the surface with clean water is not necessary.

If the raid on the tile seams only began to appear, then you can remove it using household cleaning solutions - CIF, FAIRY, Domestos, WHITE, or the like.Stitches soak solution, let it stand for about fifteen minutes and then rinse with water and wipe dry.If at first you do not fully otmylas dirt, repeat the process again.

If you missed the point, and detergents do nothing is impossible, it will clean off the plaque with sandpaper.This process is quite time-consuming.Seams should be dry the hair dryer as dry sandpaper surface treated better and no dirt is pounded.When all seams are cleaned, clean them with a brush and remove dust.After the treatment, they will look much neater.

5 When using the above methods it is impossible to remove the dirt from the grout joints, it is likely that in the seams of the fungus is present.In this case proceed on such instructions:
  • for autopsy procedures prepare grinders or sander.
  • With clean room furniture, if not possible - cover something, in order to avoid dust.
  • After that, you must cut the grout layer.
  • Then wipe the surface with a damp cloth, removing the dust.
  • Make sander deeper channels.
  • If the grinding wheel can not cope with some areas, apply a large sandpaper.
  • Apply seams solvent, primed, and then cover with a new trowel paste.

well cleared tile joints with parogenoratora:
  1. Type in the tank water system, adhering to the instructions for use of the steam generator.
  2. Turn on the device and wait until the water is heated to the appropriate temperature.It should be close to 180 C.
  3. work is carried out, starting from the first angle.Swipe the brush over the surface, then move on, until you reach the opposite wall.
  4. then you must turn around and handle the next part of the floor.
  5. Act in such a way to cleanse the entire surface.
  6. When finished, turn off the steam cleaner, tile and wipe with a cloth or mop to remove dirt and residues of water.

After cleaning the seams of dirt should take measures to protect them from re-contamination.Now there were special liquid, which covered the tile seams you protect them from the formation of plaque and dirt.This work requires accuracy, the substance is applied after drying the surface, using a small paint brush.We must try to ensure that the liquid does not impinge on the tile, otherwise it is removed immediately with a clean dry cloth.

however recommended to periodically wash the joints between the tiles (1 time per month) to avoid the need of cleaning the cardinal method.In addition, there is an alternative option - to paint the joints using water-resistant water-based paint, which must be applied in several layers.