September 16, 2016 23:03

Causes and prevention of cerebral stroke .How to prevent the development of cerebral stroke

Stroke - an acute cerebrovascular accident, which leads to damage to the brain tissue.This is a serious disease with severe course and poor prognosis.There are several reasons for its occurrence, but almost every one of them can be prevented or delayed.

White cerebral stroke

arises due to the overlap of the vascular lumen.They can be closed by thrombus or atherosclerotic plaque.The lumen of the vessel can be narrowed pressure growing tumors.Violation of the blood supply leads to tissue ischemia, which are branches of the affected area of ​​the vessel.

for ischemic stroke is not characteristic of loss of consciousness, and the symptoms depend on the localization of the hearth.Scattered throughout the brain sections, each of which is responsible for a specific function.Ischemia occurs most often in the left middle cerebral artery.This leads to disruption of the speech functions and the other side limb movements.

Red brain stroke

This option is heavier.It is characterized by not overlapp

ing vessels, and bleeding.Bleeding may occur in the thickness of brain tissue, cerebral ventricles, meninges, or brain stem.This is followed by loss of consciousness and life-threatening condition.

to this type of stroke often causes hypertension.When there is a hypertensive crisis, brain blood vessels can not withstand much pressure, especially if they are changed atherosclerotic process.More can rupture brain aneurysm of the arteries, which are bulging of the vessel wall in weak areas.

brain stroke prevention methods

  • fight against atherosclerosis.This is a disease in which cholesterol is deposited on the walls of blood vessels.From it formed plaques that overlap the vascular lumen.To avoid this, it is necessary to limit the reception of oily and fried food.For the diagnosis of atherosclerosis used biochemical blood and vascular ultrasound.If these studies indicate the presence of disease, there are drugs that reduce cholesterol levels.Most chassis group of drugs - statins.
  • thromboembolism prophylaxis of cerebral arteries.Most often fall in cerebral blood vessels thrombi formed in heart cavities.This happens in cardiac arrhythmias, when blood flow is disturbed in the heart.For the prevention of thrombosis drugs used with acetylsalicylic acid.The most famous product - Cardiomagnyl.Also, to improve the rheological properties of blood may be some fruit.The best way to deal with it kiwi.
  • Elimination of hypertension.Permanently high blood pressure can not only lead to a stroke, but also harms many organs of our body.These include the eyes, heart and kidneys.Most often in the treatment of this disease are used diuretics, ACE inhibitors and angiotensin modern-2 receptors.As well as limiting the reception of water and salt.
  • improve cerebral circulation.With age, the steadily deteriorating condition of cerebral blood flow.This leads to headaches, poor memory, and chronic fatigue.At worst, it ends a stroke.nootropic drugs are used to improve the blood circulation of the brain.The most famous nootrop - Piracetam.

brain - the most important organ of our body.It controls most functions of our body.Without it, we would not be able to move, speak, breathe, think and be yourself.Therefore, we must protect it in all possible ways.Stroke prevention is far better to pursue than be subjected to great danger and deal with its consequences.The choice of drugs and the calculation of an individual dosage should be carried out by your doctor.