October 05, 2016 23:02

How to write off accounts receivable in the public institution.Write-off of accounts payable .

Accounts payable - debts the company to the bank, supplier or any other third parties for services rendered by him.The obligation of the debtor to repay accounts payable within the specified period, otherwise penalties will be applied to the enterprise.After the calculation of the institution with the lender, supplier accounts payable is debited.Certain conditions allow the establishment of the budget to write off the debt if payment was not made.

before writing off any amounts, check whether your enterprise arrears.Spend this inventory calculations with contractors, suppliers or creditors.The purpose of the inventory commission: check all the documents that prove the debt existence, their correctness and validity, all the amounts in them, set - has expired or is no statute of limitations, verification of the validity of these documents amounts owed on the existing shortfalls and / or theft.

Find out if you need to write off the debt base.These bases can be considered:
  • statute of limitations had expired;
  • agreement of the parties;
  • arrears on account of the counterparty's debt to budget institution;
  • offset counter similar claims;
  • impossible to fulfill due obligations independent of both sides of the circumstances;
  • liquidation of the legal entity;
  • replacing other debt obligations under the agreement;
  • by an act of the state body.

Make act of writing off accounts payable using all these calculations after their reconciliation - form INV-17.The overall amount of debt write-off to enter the instrument.The act of acceptance of responsibility the head of the budgetary institutions, its chief accountant.

write off payables Based on the documents listed below:
  • «a primary" - evidence of debts (acts, invoices, contracts, bills);
  • Inventory List calculations institution with creditors, suppliers, contractors - 0504089 form;
  • financial information - a form of 0,504,833;
  • explanatory note stating the reasons and the time of formation of the debt, enter the expired statute of limitations, and therefore on the basis of the received results of the inventory, you can cancel the debt;
  • act on the results of the inventory - a form of 0,504,835;
  • order signed by the head of the institution.

carried out using these studies, write-off of accounts payable - through 0401 10 173. For example, revealed payables concluded with the contractor contract for the repair of the institution, which is to be uncollectible.This debt creditors written off base - ordered head of the institution.Shown following postings in accounting: Debit 4302 25 830 - "Reducing the debt on the loan," Loan 4401 10,173 - "Extraordinary income derived from non-current assets".

6 Make a record of the amounts which the statute of limitations has expired, unclaimed by the creditor "Noted written off the debt for the balance" - Debit 20 ( "debt, the creditor is not in demand").Enter card produced by the analytical account, indicating the account 20 budget classification code - form 0504051.

Unclaimed creditors debt write-off after the first recorded off-balance.But if the amount is not in demand until the end of the limitation period (usually 3 years), it will be deducted from the balance sheet and also taking into account - the account 20.