October 06, 2016 23:03

How to calculate the delay of payment .How to make a deferred payment .

Deferred payment - a concept associated with the lending area, retail and wholesale trade.This transfer of the date of repayment of debt at a later date.Sometimes there are situations in life when you must use the deferred payment and it is important to know how to calculate it.

If taken in installments for goods stocks, the supplier may withdraw a percentage discount on the shares.Then give money will come later, but in its entirety.In this case, there is a formula to calculate the profitability criterion.And it is quite simple.The cost of delay = number of days of delay / * 360% annual loan * value of the transaction.

In the case where you have a loan and under certain circumstances you can not in time to make the necessary payments, it is necessary to examine the credit agreement.Often in the contract, you can find a point at which stated that the payments can be suspended for a certain time.In other words, it is a credit vacation.However, after the holidays the price of credit paymen
ts on the loan will increase.This should take into account in the calculation of deferred payment.

If the credit agreement does not provide credit vacation, it is possible to write a letter to the address of the financial institution with a request to restructure the loan.To this end, in addition to the request for postponement, the amount of change in payment or extension of payments, it is necessary to attach a document confirming the difficult financial situation.For example, a certificate of employment, a certificate of illness or change of family circumstances.

happens that the borrower on their own to arrange a vacation credit, without notifying the staff of the bank.At the same time believes that this delay in payment.But in this case it is rather a delay in payment, which then threatens to increase payments on the loan for violation of obligations or a fine, as well as the transfer of the case to court.Therefore, it is advisable not to bring the situation to such a risky business.

Deferred payment on a loan or to purchase a product often is not profitable for the borrower.However, this fact negatively affect the credit history of a person that can ruin his relationship with the bank.