October 06, 2016 23:03

How to get agricultural credit.How to get agricultural credit.

development of agriculture and small business - a priority direction of economic policy.Especially for the support farmers and entrepreneurs working in the agricultural sector, some banks have introduced a new type of loan.The purpose of the loan is to assist in the development of agricultural enterprises, so credit is given on favorable terms and low interest rates.To take such a loan is not difficult, the main thing - to meet all requirements of the bank and prepare the necessary documents.

Choose a bank that provides loans for farm development, modernization and expansion of private farming.Such loans offer the banks: Sberbank, Rosselkhozbank, VTB, Rosbank.

We find out what we have the right to spend the funds.Low interest rate subsidy provided by the state, so the money received in the bank can only be used for specific purposes: the purchase of agricultural machinery, the purchase of young, development of ancillary services, holding seasonal work, carrying gas, horticulture developme
nt, etc.

We find out the bank's requirements for the provision of the target loan.First of all you must have an appropriate age: financial responsibility begins with 18 years, and the banks refused to loan persons who are older than 65 years to full repayment of the loan, in this age of man, the internal charter of the bank, can not have other income besides the pension.The next requirement - the presence of a personal account of what should be recorded in a special household book, and the application of the local administration.If you - the only employee of the farm enterprise, the obligation to insure the health and life.Experience constant work - not less than 1 year.

Assess the level of development of its economy before taking a loan.To get the loan you need to be on a farm a minimum set of agricultural machinery and equipment for the normal functioning of the enterprise.For example, cattle farm must have the premises for livestock, storage for feed and products.For farms involved in the cultivation of cereals and other crops, are necessary: ​​equipment for collecting and planting crops, barns to store it.

confirm their ability to pay.Imagine the bank the following documents: certificate of wages (2-PIT format), pension, payment documents earnings from your business.If necessary, pledged to the bank, you can submit the documents on liquid assets - an apartment, car, land.If the loan amount exceeds 30,000, the need guarantors.The number of sureties depends on the loan amount.

Determine the purpose of lending.Up to 5 years selhozkredit are available for capital investment.In the two years to preferential loan repayment terms will be provided.If the borrower is going to buy spare parts for machinery, fuel, young, seeds, fertilizers, animal feed, farm equipment or pay for rent warehouses, barns, land, the maximum loan term - 2 years.The grace period of repayment of the principal amount of the loan - 12 months.The maximum loan amount does not exceed 300,000 rubles.

All of these requirements are quite numerous and serious.We conclude: get agricultural loan online will not work in a bank.On the Internet you can find a calculator for calculating the estimated loan payment.You can also submit an online application to the request for a loan: fill in the required fields and contact the desired amount.This order "callback", the decision on the application takes the pot.After submission of all required documents the bank will make a final decision about a week.