October 06, 2016 23:03

How do I get credit for businesses.

Often business development due to the need for additional investment, but own funds are not always enough.Some entrepreneurs in such a situation, take the companion to share, but you can also get credit in the bank.

clearly define the purpose of the loan.The bank you will always be asked to tell what you're going to spend the loan funds.For example, if you plan to purchase several pieces of equipment or transportation, it is better to write on the leaf of their names and the approximate cost to speak with a staff member institutions on its merits.For the planned repair is not superfluous to draw up a cost estimate.So you reduce the time, advice and show the quality of their business best.

Count how many there are of their savings, and determine the exact amount of the shortfall.

3 Select the bank in which you want to get a loan.First, find out which banks offer a suitable program for you, and on what terms.Select several best options.Ask your friends, maybe someone had experience wi
th some kind of an institution in your list and can give you useful advice.Read reviews about the banks on the Internet.If possible, visit a few offices and get advice.Do not chase the most "cheap" offers, evaluate comprehensive service and attitude of the staff to you, the convenience of placing branches.

Prepare documents according to the requirements of the bank and apply for a loan.Ask read the treaties, pay attention to the commissions and other payments from your side in favor of the bank.Ask what additional costs will be incurred by you (collateral evaluation, policy Hull, etc..).

Find out whether you can pay more say amounts than are listed in the schedule of payments;whether deducted from the balance of the debt, the sum of the whole, or it will wait for the next scheduled payment.There are banks that allow you to repay the amount in excess of the current delivery schedule only upon written application from the customer.Ask if the full penalty for early repayment of the loan is provided, and in what amounts.

When filling out documents and forms specify the correct information, otherwise you can get a waiver.

Wait for decision of the bank, and only then, order what you want to purchase for credit funds.Remember, your appeal to the bank does not guarantee you the loan.

Get cash on hand or to the account, depending on the negotiated terms.Makes repayment of the loan strictly on time, otherwise you can ruin your credit history and to pay fines for failure in term obligations to the bank.

If you bank refused to credit the payment of a reason.Perhaps you can make a request in another bank.

Before you get credit, consider how much you are comfortable paying each month without any significant change in living standards.It is not necessary to enter into commitments on which it will be difficult to settle.