October 02, 2016 23:00

How to check the monitor .Checking the Status Monitor

Often buying a computer, we pay more attention to one of its parts - the system unit, reducing the importance of the other - the monitor.And it works seamlessly monitor is configured correctly, it is very important not only for the preservation of visual acuity, but also for comfortable pastime at the computer.Check how the monitor, it is important, and before buying, and in the course of its use for the correct settings.

With check for external defects generally do not have problems.But how do you know about the presence of the hidden marriage?After all, the most common defects associated with the work of the monitor matrix, for example, the presence of broken pixels, or slow the speed of the reaction matrix, which at first sight do not notice it.For this purpose, special programs and online services that are able to quickly and accurately test the monitor.

One of the most popular programs for checking the monitors a utility TFT-test.Her comfort in the fact that it does not require any
installation, simply download the program file, and the interface is intuitive and easy.In the arsenal of the program are several tests that need to run sequentially.

The first test - "Filled screen" - is to fill the screen one by one in different colors, allowing you to identify the pixels that do not respond to color changes - they will glow white or black.The following tests are intended to check the playback monitor color gradations ( "size", "step gradient"), image definition ( "Lines", "Grid", "circle", "Patterns") and readability of the text, as well as monitor matrix response rate ("moving the square").Evidence of the slow reaction rate of the matrix is ​​the "tail", which appears when you move the square.

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utility TFT-test that is not always possible to take care in advance and stored on a USB flash drive to capture the program with you to the store.In such a situation comes to the rescue Online monitor test resource capabilities that can be used directly in the store, open the desired web page.

On the home page there is a menu where you choose how you conveniently carried out testing: HTML-Window - test page to open in the current browser tab;HTML FS - will open a new window;Executable mode - option to download the program on physical media and then not use the Internet;Input lag test - designed to test the operation of two monitors operating in pair.It is also possible to test the smart phone, tablet or TV.Run tests and immediately you will see a black and white dial, which allows to check how displaying grayscale.To continue, move the mouse pointer to the top of the screen - a pop-up menu with a variety of tests.By the way, there is a window-tip with an explanation for each test, but only in English.

With such simple programs can accurately check the monitor for the presence of various defects and incorrect settings.