October 02, 2016 23:00

How to use the bread machine .The principle of the bread machine

Who has ever tried homemade fresh bread, no longer wants to buy it at the store.Bread baked in a bread machine, pomp and different flavor.This oven can be every time new, using traditional recipes and even inventing their own.Each bread machine instruction manual, which is painted, how to use it.The same instructions are given and the bread recipes that can be oven.If it so happens that the instruction is lost, then we'll tell you how to use the bread machine.

Measure the volume of the bread machine bucket.The 2.5-liter bucket, you can bake bread weighing 500-700 grams, and a 3-liter - 900 gram loaf of bread.At the bottom of the bucket has a built-in axis, which is worn blade for dough - do not forget to insert it before filling ingredients to form bread.And the bread maker to make a special measuring cup and spoon - for precise measuring flour, spices and liquids.

Now look carefully at the bread machine display.It is required to have a button "menu» (Menu) - it selects the type of bread
(wheat, egg, bran, French, etc.).Usually equipped with a bread machine and click "Size» (Size) - This button is selected grain size (small - 500 g, medium - 700 g, large - 900 g).In addition, perhaps the button "Crust» (Crust) - light, medium, fried.Before loading the ingredients in an oven set all the options you want by using the buttons above.

determine the type and weight of bread, start downloading the ingredients in a bucket.Since you do not have the instructions, we will give you the approximate number of products that you can bake bread for the first time.For an average loaf of bread, you will need:
  • instant dry yeast - 1.5 teaspoons;
  • Wheat flour - 3 beakers (450 grams);
  • fluid (warm water or milk) - 310 ml;
  • 1.5 teaspoons of salt;
  • Sugar - 1.5 tablespoons;
  • Vegetable oil - 1.5 tablespoons.

Load Queue products: yeast, flour, salt, sugar, oil and fluid.Close the lid of the bread machine and press the "Start» (Start) - the unit the dough yourself, and then bake it.Expected total time of kneading and baking appears.Once the bread is baked, bread maker beeps.Click "Stop» (Stop) and remove the bread.

Taking as a basis the amount of the ingredients listed above, you can experiment.Add the egg bucket, reducing the number of 50 ml of liquid - you get "egg bread 'instead of vegetable oil - olive or mustard - the bread will be more fragrant.Reduce the amount of 50 grams of wheat flour and put the same amount of fried onions - here's a juicy "onion bread."Put more sugar, add the raisins and vanilla - the freshest buns.

Some models Bread, apart bread, mix different types of dough (Varenichnaya, yeast), bake cupcakes - the dough for them to do on their own.And cook the jam - for it is a program "Jam" in the menu.Explore the "Menu", ponazhimat this button and you will see that it can make your bread maker.Sometimes the "Menu" button may be designated as "open book" (pictured in paragraph 2 - that's the bottom right button).

All bread machine different functions and controls.You may need to spend some time to study it.Or try to find it on the Internet instructions on your bread machine model - a designation it is bound to have on the body in the form of a special type plate.