What rasposhivalnaya machine .Ploskoshovnaya machine .This article describes the appointment rasposhivalnoy machine.

Each seamstress facing problems processing the tissue edges.Knit fabric, Split Ends, knitwear process is very difficult on the sewing machine.This is due to the fact that the lines are inelastic, and the like, knitted edge will always resist deformation.In this case, the fabric is treated with overlock machine and koverlokom rasposhivalnoy.

Rasposhivalnaya (ploskoshovnaya) machine performs rasposhivalny flat seam, which is generally used for knitted edges, and sometimes for knitwear.Such devices perform only one function - rasposhivalny seam, but with different modifications.This treatment provides a product durability, accuracy and beauty.

Modification rasposhivalnoy lines provided by different needles.It is not difficult to distinguish.On the front side of the article presents several parallel seams.Rasposhivalki can run and the zig-zag stitch, which is replaced by a conventional sewing machine is impossible.Ploskoshovnaya also only works with threads and textured polyester.They provide joint reliability.

Rasposhivalnye machines come with two or three needles.A pair of needle ensures a narrow seam rasposhivalny.In this case, the distance between them is 5.5 mm.Three needles make a stitch width of 6.5 mm.With such a large number of needles, you can create several variants of flat construction.Besides three needles rasposhivalnoy machine can be adjusted, which will create both narrow and wide seam.

Rasposhivalnye machines must be selected with the presence of:
  • removable platforms to work with sleeves and hard to reach places on the product;
  • separate conveyor for feeding the fabric, which allows to handle the most delicate and moving tissue types;
  • differential scale;
  • regulatory pressure on the foot element.

rasposhivalnoy Before buying the car, pay attention to smoothness, noise during engine operation.The most popular models are Merrylock 009, Brother 2340. For starters, the device is suitable needlewomen firm Janome cover Pro 2. It provides high-quality seam, and easy to work with.