October 03, 2016 23:13

How to install a network printer .Configuring a Network Printer

Many offices install a local area network to share data, use of common technical tools.For medium and small offices easier to set up a powerful printer, instead of several small ones.It is necessary to connect it so that it was possible to access to all institutions computers.To transform into a normal network printer, you have the right to change some parameters of the devices.

There are printers that are connected to the router directly, without using a computer, but they are expensive.The easiest and cheapest way - to make public a regular printer.It connects to one of the office computers in a standard way - through the same LPT or USB port, and then it is made publicly available on the network.This method of using the network printer is limited in its capabilities.

Desktop or notebook computer to which the printer is physically connected general, should be the maximum time active on the network.Drivers and software install it from the disc, always came with the printer, or search an
d download online at the manufacturer's website.Check the operation of the system.

Make a printer available to the public.To open the settings in Control "Devices and Printers" (or "Printers and Faxes") panel.Locate the installed printer, open the "Properties" by clicking a button, right click on the icon for your printer.In the "Properties" tab is necessary - "Access".Against the line "Share this printer" tick.

Leave the proposed name of a network printer system or a set of their own.For example: «OKI_C510dn».Under this name on the local network printer will be recognized as a common resource.Ask any name, but without spaces.At the same operating system, set all of the computers connected by a network as a computer with a connected printer - click "OK".The procedure is completed.

In the case where there is a local network computers with different operating systems, install the appropriate drivers for them.In the "Properties" in the "Driver" tab "Access" click "Additional Drivers".A list of drivers, which put down a tick against those that you might need for other Windows.Note the column "established", if there appears the word "No", it is necessary to put the driver disk from the printer manufacturer or download the drivers from its official website.For example: HP, Canon, Epson, OKI.

Now you can use the printer as a network share.On the remote computer, go to the "Devices and Printers" section (or "Printers and Faxes"), invoke the "Add Printer Wizard".Opens his window in it as the connection method, select "Network printer", and then "Next".It remains to specify the correct path to an installed network printer.Observe the syntax: two characters "forward slash", name of the computer on the network, "Slash", a network printer name.For example: «\\ MyComp \ OKI_C510dn».Click "Next".The process of installing the printer end of the proposed system to print a test page - do it.

Advantages of this connection network printer: no need to buy new equipment, it is standard for Windows, just in performance, without additional software.Cons: The computer is physically connected to the printer must be running before its use, its slow operation during remote printing session, print a long waiting time, especially for color printing.