October 03, 2016 23:13

What is ISO in the camera .The CCD in the camera

Each camera model has its own characteristics and capabilities.The term ISO or, more simply, the sensitivity is described in the instructions of each camera.To learn how to make high-quality art images, it is necessary to understand the assignment of this parameter and its setting.

Instead, "the ISO" more likely to say "sensitivity matrix".This title reveals the purpose of this parameter.Earlier in the film camera pictures of me film, picking up her stated on the box numbers 100, 200, ... In modern cameras can be manually or automatically change the ISO setting.The figures indicate the sensitivity matrix to the brightness of the light.The higher the ISO value is exposed, the greater the array receives light, and the pictures are brighter.Undetermined photo terms, see the glossary.

2 When it is necessary to increase the ISO value.In low light, the camera may not build a good exposure.You can use the flash, but it does not always solve the problem.When shooting in a dark room, for example, a
disco, a concert, the flash will not help.The pictures are clear, if you configure a sufficiently high ISO.In addition, it gives an opportunity to reduce the shutter speed when shooting moving objects without a tripod.

too strong increase in sensitivity can give a negative result, as will inevitably lead to the appearance of noise in the picture in the form of grain across the frame.With increasing ISO matrix receives light not only useful, but also the smallest distortion, noise.The matrix itself is not perfect at 100%, and increased sensitivity improves its accuracy.Typically a matrix configured to transmit as little as possible with little interference ISO.Most often it is up to ISO 100.

concepts of ISO and size of the matrix are interconnected.Matrix size affects the quality of images that are obtained by the ISO setting.If the matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčlarge, its pixels are too large, a small matrix they are smaller.Large matrix takes more light and noise in the pictures there will be fewer.Two matrices 2 Megapixel different sizes at the same ISO settings give a different image quality.

noise in the image - this is a big problem with a small matrix devices.A better result can be achieved by using a semi-Camera.Compared with the "soap box" matrix size has more."Noisy" the camera will be less, and the pictures will turn out cleaner if SLR megapixel count is not unduly large.Despite advertising that says - the more megapixels, the better, everything is good in moderation.

to noise became almost imperceptible, it is better to print images are small in size.If you are using Photoshop, then it can be used to significantly reduce graininess in images.To achieve the best possible result for Photoshop need to install special plug-ins and programs.Among the many existing programs can be distinguished: Neat Image, Noise Ninja.

Sometimes the photographer has to choose what to do - increase the ISO value and gain are not very clear photo or not do it at all.Not all noises equally bad look, in addition, they can be cleaned on your computer, so it is best not to give up the opportunity to do, perhaps, a unique picture.School of digital photography will help you understand the complex issues of photography.

best pictures are obtained at low ISO.If the machine is configured to auto-fit the ISO setting, then switch to manual mode and check whether or not worth the minimum value.In low light, use the flash or increase the sensitivity.Good DSLR (Sony or Canon) will appreciate the quality and ISO3200.