How to send a fax .Using fax

course, each fax is always a guide.But that's not all cases it is stored.Since the principles of the vehicles of all firms are the same, knowing them, you can easily look into the matter.So how do you send a fax?

It should immediately be noted that most often uses a fax at the same time a few people in the company.To get your letter recipient, be sure to make a cover.The cover letter should consist of such data:
  • position and nameaddressee;
  • summary of the contents of the letter, as well as the number of pages attached;
  • Nameand contact the sender's phone number (in case, if the receiving party wants to send a fax to answer or contact data specification).

2 Insert the paper in the fax machine.To do this it is recommended until both dial the number, not to force the interlocutor to wait.Because different machines paper inserted in different ways, look closely at the symbol marked on the fax.If the sheet is inserted incorrectly, it will be scanned back, the caller will receive a blank sheet.Please note: The sheet is inserted before the moment when you it clicks, thus it can not be extracted from the fax machine without applying some effort.

3 Dial the fax number from your device.If the fax is sent is not in the city, and on the field or in another region / country before the number, type a proper city code.Wait for an answer, tell the person that will send a fax, and then say that press "Start" (large green button on the fax machine).If done correctly, the machine will buzz and "tighten" the paper slowly.Do not forget to specify the name of the host, record the date and time of transmission.This is done so that if the information has not reached its destination, it was possible to identify the perpetrator.

After the fax has passed, ask your companion, whether all can be seen from the transmitted.If you notice that the paper "jams" - click "Stop", then carefully remove the fax and do it all over again.If the paper has passed too quickly, perhaps there was a failure during data transfer.

Today you can send a fax and via the Internet.For this it prompted a large number of programs, but many of them are paid.These programs are presented in the Global Home FaxManager or sites.Their services are paid for, but it only requires an internet connection and a scanned document saved in PDF format.If you prefer to install the software, then you can choose VentaFax.Available as a free version, which is valid on the territory of Russia, as well as alternative pay, but with advanced features.In this case you must have a fax modem with a connection to the telephone line.Despite all the disadvantages, if you are sending documents by fax is rare, this option is more profitable compared to the purchase of the machine.

Send a fax is now possible via the mailbox.However, this feature only supports modern fax machines, so before you pass that way, check this time at the destination.

And remember that transmit confidential or personal information only if you are sure - at the other end of the person to whom it is addressed.Also not uncommon situation, when the destination machine is set to automatic reception.Therefore call on the personal number of the recipient and warn him of the transfer document.