August 27, 2016 23:10

Homemade trailer car .Trailer for the car with their hands

In our daily life there is often a need to transport oversized cargo, or a lot of things that do not fit in the trunk.In such cases, the only way out is becoming the trailer.You can buy it, but it is not difficult and is more economical to manufacture it yourself, especially if you have the opportunity to get any materials without prejudice to the purse.Here's how it's done.

drawing development for homemade trailer

Before we get down to business, you need to make a drawing of your trailer.It is necessary to focus on the regulated rules for assembling the trailer for the car, namely Standard 37.001.220-80, so you can register it without any problems.

Make a drawing of the most detailed and think through all the details.It will help you to calculate the necessary amount of material for all elements of the trailer, clearly structured progress and avoid mistakes.

materials required for the manufacture of home-made trailer

When selecting materials be guided by your objectives pursued trail

er manufacturing.

  • For bottom frame grab a metal tube with a square cross-section of about 4x4 cm. You can use the channel 2,5h5 cm. May be less than the bead cross section of the selected material.
  • to trim the sides of the trailer take a steel sheet with a minimum thickness of 0.6 mm or laminated plywood thickness of about 1.5 cm.
  • as the material for the bottom can be used a tin sheet, durable plastic, osb, plywood thickness 1.52 cm.
  • Chassis can be made with your own hands, but easier to use front Axle motokolyaski CPAs.The wheels are also better to take out in order not to look for suitable separately.
  • for suspension excellent option would be to use the suspension system on a motorcycle "Ural".
  • Hook.
  • Electrics.
  • Fasteners.
  • welding machine and tools.

Proceedings on making homemade trailer

Making the frame and the connector assembly

From drawing to make the necessary cuts of the pipe or channel, weld them in a rectangular frame, welds side elements.This is followed by an additional welded stiffeners to the special strength and exclusion bias.

connector assembly - very important detail.It is subjected to heavy loads, so is made from the same material as the frame portion.For better maneuverability, this part of the trailer should not exceed 2 m. It is necessary to accurately produce ottsentrovku connector assembly relative to the axis, so that the operation of the trailer does not lead to side.To eliminate unexpected disconnection of a connector assembly design should add cable or safety chain.


Connect the trailer to the vehicle using the clutch.For its fastening bolts can be used, that is less reliable, but it is more practical, becauseat any time allows you to unhook the trailer, untwisted bolts.Second Embodiment - welded sleeve, which on the contrary, is more reliable, but less practical becausethen to disengage the trailer will have to cut the sleeve.

Installation trailer axle trailer

axis - this is the main support structure.By default, it is set at 40% of the length of the rear wall of the trailer, i.e.slightly displaced backward from the center.For mounting the axis using bolts.Then fasten the frame in the same axis, via bolt connections.

Installation sides and bottom

choice of material lining the sides and bottom of the trailer shall be guided by the purposes of the use of the trailer.Fastening is done with bolts.If you want to make a flap, use a loop.If you plan to use the awning in the operation, fix the upper perimeter of the mounting board for awnings (rolls, loops, etc.).

Mounting Electricians

set of signal lights on the rear of the trailer must be identical to the rear signal lights of the machine, ie,include brake lights, turn signals, dimensions, reversing lights.Also on board should be reflectors of orange light.In the near to the machine should be white bead size.If the wiring is prepared and equipment are in place, the host for connection directly to the machine using the towbar socket.

Do not rush when all of these actions.Follow the rule known adage - measure twice, cut once.

So the trailer ready.The next step - registration, then safely start the operation of the trailer!