August 28, 2016 23:10

Painting booth with their own hands .Technology devices spray booth .Separate production of the spray booth .Features of its devices .

In organizing its affairs for painting car spray booth is needed.You can purchase its Chinese version is no different quality of workmanship.But you can do it with their own hands, focusing on their financial capabilities.Under the painting booth, you can convert your garage.It's not as difficult as it seems.But the question is, where to start?Consider the whole sequence of actions in detail.

Remaking the ceiling, floor, doors and windows under the painting chamber

  • rounded ceiling of the garage in order to avoid dust accumulation.You can mount lights at an angle.Yet we must note that the ventilation system will be located in the ceiling.If the ceiling height does not allow to install it, you must provide access to the roof.
  • The floor must also be ventilated to discharge the exhaust air, in the form of holes.It is mounted in the trenches dug in the floor of the garage to a depth of one meter.They laid pipes leading to the street.It happens that you can not dig a trench, in this situation it is
    necessary to raise the floor to a height of 15 cm. Then, the flooring is done and the final finish floor.
  • The gate should be well warmed, for this fit mineral wool, foam.Joints sealed with silicone.The windows also need good insulation.Slots should not be.large heat loss will be If these requirements.

2 Installation of lighting, ventilation, air filtration system

  • spray booth lighting should be very good.The best option would be placing a ceiling fluorescent lamps in two rows.The flow of light must be equal to 1000 lux, this requires about 24 lamps.It is also necessary to provide for the portable light for painting the lower parts.
  • ventilation system is important for the spray booth.After all, it not only ensures worker safety, but also the quality of painting.For this purpose, can successfully cope single-engine ventilation.Its principle of operation is based on injecting fresh air into the room through the ceiling filters.In this case the particles of paint products are deposited on the floor, which are ejected through the air.But there is a drawback, it is heavily contaminated.To avoid this, you can use the system with two motors.The second engine is a distillation of the exhaust air through the filters into the street.
  • filters are a special material in roll form.It is not worth saving to avoid trouble.For single-engine ventilation system filters are installed on the ceiling.For twin-engine system capacity for the filter material under the floor or in the duct system.You also need time to carry out the replacement of the filter material.

Heating and drying

spray booth for the heating chamber can be used electrical appliances.But for drying freshly painted body is not enough.Therefore, drying is advisable to use a special infra-red lamps, which have a number of advantages:

  • low power consumption;
  • good speed and quality of the drying surface;
  • use for drying filler and primed parts.

Materials interior finishing spray booth

best option is to smooth painted walls.It is best to paint them in white color that provides excellent color reproduction.And simplify the process of painting the car.The best option is a smooth painted walls.It is best to paint them in white color that provides excellent color reproduction and simplifies the vehicle painting process.

Subject to advice you to quickly build a painting chamber.Do not skimp on the system filtering and finishing materials.They must comply with safety standards.Adhering to these tips, you will be able to engage in car painting long and fruitful.