August 28, 2016 23:10

low pressure tire with your hands .Instructions for the production of low-pressure tires.In this article you will learn how to make a low-pressure tires with their own hands

Every year the demand for vehicles with high cross is getting higher and higher.Motorists wants his steel horse was able to drive everywhere.But to cope with a serious off-road vehicles require special adaptations that increase the permeability.Thus device are considered low-pressure tires, which is higher than the price in a few times.

So how to improve the permeability of the car and at the same time to save money?The answer is simple.To produce low-pressure tires with their own hands.

1 General information on low pressure tires

These tires are nothing like the ones that can be seen on conventional cars.They are distinguished by their enormous size.The most important difference is determined by their name - the tire pressure is much less likely 2-4,25 kg / cm².Due to this feature, and achieved high cross.The operating principle of low tire pressure is comparable to the air bag, the vehicle weight are redistributed throughout the plane, and as a result reduces the pressure on the ground.Thus the

car with these tires easily able to ride through the swamp, snow, and mud.

2 Features low pressure tire manufacturing

easier to manufacture low-pressure tires to use a new or a used tire from the car GAZ-66 and ZIL 131. You can also use the old aircraft tires, they are able to withstandheavy loads than automobile.

beginners in this matter should be reserved by several spare tires.One of them can be cut and get acquainted with its internal structure is glued layers, a thickness, etc.Since the second tire can already be trained to manufacture and work out a few tricks:

  • Cut pieces of rubber pattern kantselyarnym knife.
  • ability to cut at depth.
  • Pulling wire.

Testing of these techniques will facilitate and accelerate the work on the production of tires.

manufacture low-pressure tires algorithm

process of manufacturing a low-pressure tire with your hands is the gradual removal of several layers with the original tires.Actions carried out by a certain algorithm, which involves the removal of rubber from the side portions and the tread, the removal of the locking cores.The rigidity of the new tires will give a new tread.

To avoid problems in the process, should stock up on all the necessary tools: a sharp knife, awl, hammer, wire cutters and a winch.

Production takes place in stages:

  1. The first thing you need to wash the wheels and allow them to dry.
  2. further draw on the wheel of the new tread pattern.This can be done in the usual token, as long as the marked lines were clearly visible.As the tread is most often make the Christmas tree.
  3. Then, on the edge of the inner circle make an incision.Thereafter, the side note and cut small pieces of rubber, the wire will be under them.Her poddevat and remove with the help of a winch.
  4. Now you can proceed to the excision of the tread on the painted lines.In place of the notch rubber clings tongs and pulls its winch.Pull need in a way to tear off pieces of unnecessary layer of rubber on the wheels.Drawn parts subsequently cut off with a knife.
  5. Repeat pulling with the other parts.
  6. After tearing unwanted pieces we clean the exposed surface with sandpaper.
  7. bus is ready, but needs a framework for it.His collecting of metal pipes, disc and plate.All the elements are welded, polished welds.
  8. We put the tire on fabricated frame and pump.
  9. repeat all the points with the other tires and put on the car.

This manufacturing low-pressure tires ends.Manage transport on SHND much more difficult, so be careful on the turns.