October 21, 2016 23:14

How to eat quail eggs .

Quail eggs have gained unprecedented popularity, thanks to the fashion for exotic products.In Japan, we have long appreciated the usefulness of these tiny testes, which contain up to 14% protein, while chicken - only 11%, and they have a lot of potassium, iron, phosphorus, cobalt, copper, vitamins A, B1, B2.It is also important that the quail eggs do not cause food allergies.

Before you buy quail eggs, make sure they are fresh.Eggs should not be too light, and the shell without deformation and cracks.Require the seller a certificate of quality for the products.

2 for the treatment of diseases and preventive measures quail eggs consume only raw, preferably half an hour before breakfast.An adult can drink a day to 4 eggs.The treatment will be effective after 3-4 months of use of this dietary product.With the eggs successfully treat diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, they are useful in exhaustion under reduced immunity.Do not be afraid that eating raw eggs can
be infected with salmonella - quail do not suffer such diseases, unlike chickens.

Boiled quail eggs can be used as a component for cold appetizers, salads, canap├ęs.To do this, you need to drop the egg into boiling water and cook for about 2 minutes to cook boiled and 5 minutes - boiled.Cooked eggs should be dipped in cold water to make it easier to clean them.Eggs are perfectly combined with meat, fish, mushrooms, vegetables, seafood.

Originally look stuffed with quail eggs.As a filling you can use boiled meat, liver or fish.The components are ground and mixed with frayed yolks of eggs, mayonnaise or other sauce.By stuffing often add onions, herbs, spices.For festive occasions is to cook quail eggs stuffed with caviar.

can surprise your guests with an original dish - quail eggs in Scottish.Decoction of the eggs for about 4 minutes in the water, they are cleaned, and, roll in flour, put the ball in the center of the chicken meat, which should advance to add a little green onion, mustard, dill, salt and seasonings.Roll the balls in egg and breadcrumbs, fried in deep fat until tender and served as a main dish or a cold snack.

Quail eggs can not only cook, but also to fry.Prepare them in the same way as the chicken, but it should be remembered that one egg corresponds to 5 quail.

No matter in what form to use quail eggs, their use is obvious, so it is worth a closer look at this product, to enjoy its excellent taste and replenish the body with vitamins stock, trace elements, protein.