October 22, 2016 23:01

How to store cereals .

Cereals - a useful and fiber-rich foods, which must necessarily enter into the diet of each individual.However, the benefit will bring only those cereals that are properly stored.

cereals, brought out of the store, for a day is put in the freezer or warm up on a baking sheet in the oven.This will reduce to zero the chances of that, along with barley, you have brought even small pests that ruin not only contaminated cereals, but also spread around the locker with the other cereals.New cereals, especially if it is a non-ideal quality makes sense immediately to sort out - then it will reduce the time it takes you to its preparation.

When storing grains, use glass jars, ceramic or plastic, be sure to tightly close or screw caps.Many manufacturers of kitchen utensils made real organizers for storing cereals.They are not only comfortable, but also very beautiful.Tightly sealed container will protect the grains from foreign odors, moisture and pests penetration from the outside.From time to tim
e, check the banks for the presence of pests - bugs, or because their larvae may already be in the rump already at the moment when you first purchased it.

banks to subscribe to the date of acquisition of new cereals and not mix new with old.The fact that different cereals have different periods of storage - because their fat content.If rice or buckwheat can be stored for six months, then oatmeal or Pshenko this will not work.Within 4 months cereal will taste bitter and hopeless ruin the dish.

Add to banks with cereals what you do not like pests - unpeeled cloves of garlic, hot pepper pods, salt in bags of gauze, a bay leaf.housewives also use lemon peel, chestnuts, pieces of foil or ordinary metal spoon.

room in which are stored cereals, it is necessary to air regularly, avoiding dampness and mustiness.When moisture grains can rapidly deteriorate.Do not forget that cereals greatly absorb and retain odors for a long time - keep this in mind when choosing a place for storage.Also preferably, the grains were stored as low as possible to the floor - cooler.Storage cabinet cereals is useful from time to time to handle pests - for example, wipe with diluted vinegar.Just do not forget to ventilate, before returning to the place of groats.

old antiquated way of storing cereals - in dense canvas bags, pre-soaked in a strong salt solution.This method is still relevant.

deficit days are long gone, so there's no reason to buy cereals for the future.Observe the storage of cereals, do not do large stocks and check the expiration dates on the packages.And then the dishes prepared from cereals, are really tasty and healthy.