October 22, 2016 23:01

How to dry mushrooms.

conservation is not the only way to keep mushrooms.If you dry the mushrooms and later cook soup from them, you will become a real fan of this method.There are many different ways to zasushki fungi.

To begin to prepare the mushrooms.For zasushki suit all kinds, but the pipe has a more pleasant taste.It - birch, aspen and white mushrooms.Plate types may taste bitter.These include russula, mushrooms, chanterelles and mushrooms.Remove the leaves from the surface of the earth and the rest of the garbage.Cut out the damaged part.Large mushrooms cut into equal parts, and small - dry in a holistic way.

One method - zasushivanie mushrooms in the oven.Cover the sheet with foil or cardboard paper.Place the mushrooms on it one layer so they do not touch each other.Preheat the oven to 45 ° C, and put a sheet.When the mushrooms begin to dry out, increase the temperature to 20-30 ° C and wait for the complete drying.Periodically pull the sheet out of the oven for 10 minutes.During the drying oven door
should remain ajar.

you can dry the mushrooms in the sun.Wait until dry and warm weather.Find a location that is easily ventilated.For these purposes, ideal balcony or attic.Mushrooms fix on a string using a thick needle.Will hang them out to dry in this way for two or three days.Also you can put mushrooms on paper or cloth and leave them in the sun.If the next day the weather turned bad, just dosushit them in the oven.

Some people are easier to carry out drying in the Russian oven.Please bring the stove in order - to remove ashes from there, coal and other debris.Mushrooms Spread on a baking sheet.For good drying it is very important to adhere to the temperature from 60 ° C to 70 ° C.Carefully arrange the pans in the oven with mushrooms.Pre enclose them under the bricks.At the beginning of the drying furnace door should be ajar, but as dried mushrooms should be closed her more.All the time follow mushrooms and pull ready.

for drying mushrooms is ideal for electric dryers.The device is intended for zasushivaniya different vegetables and fruits.The method is the most convenient and easy, so in recent years is gaining popularity.The device has several rows.In each of them put on one layer of mushrooms.Turn on the dryer and wait for the final result.It takes from 7 to 10 hours.In this case, zasushivanie pass perfectly.

well dried mushrooms have to bend a little and at the same spring.If they bend easily suspiciously - so it dosushit not to the end and during storage may deteriorate.Strong over-dried mushrooms are brittle and fragile.If you get exactly this result, do not worry - make of them mushroom powder.Dried mushrooms should be stored in glass jars or boxes made of cardboard.Pick up for this room with ventilation.

As you have seen, dried mushrooms is quite simple.If you've never done it and are afraid to spoil them, try to dry the small portion.In total a little practice - and you will become a true master at zasushivaniyu mushrooms!