October 22, 2016 23:01

How to clean the liver from the film .

liver - this is a very useful and tasty byproduct, but many do not like it.And it's not even a specific taste and a smell.Just you need to cook the liver, and not all of it can.An important point in the preparation of its regular cleaning of the liver - the film and the bile ducts.If they are not removed, the liver will taste bitter, and the taste of it will be ruined.

1 Choose
liver pieces close to the edge - there are fewer films and the bile duct, which greatly simplifies its processing and in the taste you will not lose anything.It is also better to take those pieces that are lighter, they belonged to animals younger.

Cook knife, cutting board, clean bowl of peeled pieces of a handful of coarse salt.Wash the liver under water.If you have liver frozen, thaw it is not much, in the form of a little melted it easier to clean.If you bought a steam cooled the liver, then place it on a few minutes in a bowl with warm water after washing under running water.Rub the liver with coarse salt - it
will facilitate the process of removing the films, as well as remove the bitterness.

3 Select the location where it will be easier to start cleaning the liver, pry with a knife or trim a small part of the film, get under her thumb and gently work your way inside, separating the film from the liver.When all the separate film, wash the liver again.

If you select a piece in which a lot of streaks, you have to cut it into medium-sized pieces, to reach all plenochek veined, and all cleaned or cut with a knife.In the same way you want to cut the bile ducts and locations contaminated with bile.

There is also a subtlety cutting pork liver - before cleaning it should be a soak for half a minute in hot water, or scalded with boiling water.In this case, the film is easy to separate from the meat.

Each family has its secrets of successful preparation of the liver - whether it's rubbing salt soaking in soda or milk, smearing mustard, but if you properly clean and treat the liver, all the secrets you do not need.