October 22, 2016 23:01

How to cut Chinese cabbage .

Chinese cabbage - a relatively new vegetable to Russia, but has already gained popularity as a salad ingredient.Especially in the winter time when the lack of fresh herbs is particularly acute.However, due to the recent emergence of the cabbage in our diet, many do not know how to properly cut it.

1 Prepare a cutting board, sharp knife, a bowl and a towel.Will wash cabbage under running water, holding the stalks up, dry it with a towel - paper or simple.Do not wash the cabbage, then dip it fully in the water - so it is fed with too much excess liquid.Get rid of the upper 3-4 leaves, they can be faded and soiled, and it is better not to eat.Let us cut to 5 cm. The lower part of head, throw it away.The remaining leaves can be either disassembled or leave in Kocani.

Cabbage ready for further preparation, but we must decide exactly what you want to do with it.If you need a cabbage for cabbage, it must be disassembled into sheets.If you are going to salt it, then head should be cut in half, the
n each half has two.That is, only 4 equal parts.For a traditional Korean dish kim chi Chinese cabbage cut by narrow strips, but this dish is quite complicated to prepare.If you are going to cut the cabbage in a salad or soup, you should do shredder.

cabbages cut lengthwise into two halves.Half of stacked cut down on the cutting board and cut through along - strips the width of 1-2 cm And then shinkuete across to the width that you preferred -. Soup wider, narrower on the salad.But not too finely shred - cabbage will lose all the juiciness.You are doing the same with the second half.

If you are preparing a salad is not directly to the table, and in advance, it makes sense not to cut the cabbage leaves and tear them with your hands, like as tearing lettuce, slices of about 4 by 4 cm. Only the salad tear toit does not taste bitter, and cabbage - to preserve juiciness.Divide the cabbage on leaves and adding a few leaves with hands to tear into small pieces.If previously you put cabbage leaves in a bowl with water, they last longer maintain juiciness.

Do not cut the white part of the leaves - it's the juicy part of the cabbage and it is in this very large reserves of minerals.Just chop thinner.You can use a grater, vegetable cutters, combine.And add the shredded cabbage salad.

Chinese cabbage is very tasty and useful, and familiar dishes prepared with its addition, will acquire a new flavor.And learn how to cut it quite easy, and you will quickly learn this simple science.