October 22, 2016 23:01

How to eat in the post .

Lent - the time to prepare for the celebration of the Christian Passover.All of these 40 days, the believer must adhere to a special diet in order to be cleansed both physically and spiritually.Lent - is not only the restrictions and prohibitions, it is an opportunity to diversify your daily diet.

During Lent not eat animal products: meat, eggs and dairy products.In addition, strictly refrain from pastry, sweets and alcoholic beverages.Exception - red wine, which can be used on Saturdays and Sundays.Note on the Holy Week to drink wine is forbidden on the Sabbath.

2 Cook fish only on the last Sunday before Easter and Annunciation.Fish eggs are allowed to use on Lazarus Saturday.Use vegetable oil in food strictly on Saturdays and Sundays (except Saturday and Holy Week).

Include in your diet fruits and vegetables.They help to saturate the body vitamins necessary in the spring time.Eat vegetables raw, fried, boiled and stewed.Make meatless dessert of fruit or add them to cereal.Do not
forget about the greens, which helps strengthen the immune system.

Eat beans and mushrooms.They are the source of vegetable protein for the body and can replace meat and fish.First course - the basis of human daily menu, cook soups with beans, mushrooms and peas.Nuts can also help the body to compensate for the lack of protein, in addition, it is a great way to have a snack on the run.

To restore energy cook porridge from cereals.Unlike sweets, cereals contained in the right carbohydrates, is well absorbed by the body.Cereal can be mixed together: rice with lentils and oats, buckwheat and rice.Mixed porridge is obtained if the preparation of the different cereals matches.

6 supports the immune system with the help of pickles, prepared with summer and fall.Sauerkraut is useful in acute viral diseases.Canned tomatoes and cucumbers diversify the table and fit in as a garnish.Jam tea replace candy and cookies.

compensate for iodine deficiency using algae.Laminaria is needed for the body, it will help strengthen the nervous system and improve brain function.Sea kale can be eaten alone or added to salads.

Despite the restrictions on food, Lent should be a source of joy and inspiration.This is a great chance to not only cleanse, but also to enrich your body with vitamins and minerals.Enjoy a meal in Lent.