October 22, 2016 23:01

How to purify water from impurities .

Man can not live without water for more than three days.Water - is the foundation of our health, but under the condition that it is clean.It is worth thinking about the quality of the water we drink.Delete it from the impurities in our power.

The easiest way - to collect water in a container and let stand for 5 hours.During this period the chlorine will evaporate from water and salt - will settle to the bottom.You must then carefully drain the water in the kettle and boil it.The remaining chlorine disappears, harmful microorganisms perish.Salts which may accidentally get in overflow water from the tank into the kettle, will settle on the walls as scale.

popular method of water purification - buy household filter.Producers of water filters borrowed technology from the industrial water treatment systems.Household pitcher filters are composed of two layers and a removable module.Water from the tap is poured into the first level of the pitcher goes deep cleaning through a removable module an
d into the second level of the jug.According to the manufacturer, these filters help to get rid of sand, clay, rust, pesticides, phenols, chlorine and bacteria.The removable module to be replaced every three months.

Water filter can be made independently.Perhaps you'll need it in the country or in the campaign.required for the manufacture of filter: activated carbon, gauze, plastic bottle, capacity for pure water, a pair of scissors or a knife.Manufacturing technology next.In a plastic bottle cut the bottom.The several layers of cheesecloth and roll shove into the neck of the bottle.Wrap coal gauze and placed in a plastic bottle, turning it upside down.Positioned above bottle reservoir for clean water.Pour the water into the bottle must be on the side where it was before the bottom.Water will pass through the activated charcoal, slowly percolating through the neck.

bacteria and harmful substances are killed not only at high temperatures, but also at low temperatures.Therefore, for water purification from impurities it can be frozen.To this end a container of water placed in a freezer for 10 hours.After this container is removed and thawed at room temperature.When the remaining small piece of ice, it is necessary to get it and throw it in the melted water.In this piece of ice are all harmful substances.Tala remaining water can be drunk by adding 100 grams of salt per liter to restore salt balance.It is believed that the melt water is very good for health and has rejuvenating properties.

water can be cleaned with silver.Since ancient times, silver vest healing and antibacterial properties.Silver object, but rather spoon is placed in the water tank.But first is to ensure that the highest standard silver.It is very dangerous to put out questionable metal products in the water.But silver is not necessary to keep in water for a long time, it can be toxic to health.

has antibacterial properties, and silicon.Having washed thoroughly silicon, it is placed in a glass vessel with water and covered with gauze.Keeping such water is necessary for several days, without exposing to direct sunlight.It is important to remember - you can not boil water, purified silicon.Water tank should be tightly closed, after the silicon is removed from the water.Then the water will be stored for a long time and does not deteriorate.

Using any of the methods you will be able to purify water from impurities, getting water all the best that it can give to humans.And it can give health, longevity and well-being.