October 22, 2016 23:01

How to eat avocados .

Avocado - exotic fruit, the ratio of which varies from adoration to dislike.

most important thing - to choose a good fruit that is ripe or slightly unripe, and give it to ripen in a dark place.Take fruits which, when light pressure is not returned to its original shape, a little soft.The rind should be free of large dark spots or cracks, because it speaks of over-ripeness of the fruit.If you still bought a hard avocado, put it in a dark, dry place, and let ripen.

Clean the avocado - it is thoroughly washed fruit cut with a sharp knife along the bone and rotate clockwise.One half is separated from the bone remains in our hands.With a sharp knife swipes at the bone in the center of the other half and twisted movements remove it with a knife stuck.Then, holding a slippery pit towel to remove the knife.The flesh of a ripe avocado and a very soft, you can scrape with a spoon or cup.Either make the knife cuts in a grid - Notching the fruit, but not reaching the skin, and remove mate inside.

Avocados are eaten fresh or after heat treatment.It is tasty and as a complement to other fruits and vegetables, and as a standalone product.You can eat an avocado with a spoon, pre-salted and sprinkled with lemon juice pulp.By the way, this does not give him darken the air.

of soft flesh of the avocado texture can be used as a cream sandwich or salad dressing, mayonnaise or oil changes.Avocados are included in the recipe a lot of salads - like vegetables and fruit.Sprinkle with lemon juice added to the pieces of snacks and salads.

In the southern countries the avocado is often the main ingredient for the preparation of shakes - soft drinks from fruit, ice, sugar, milk and water.

also like avocado in Japan - it is included in the set of recipes of Japanese dishes, especially one of the most popular around the world rolls - California Red.

Finally, tribute is given to avocado vegetarians because this fruit overtakes meat and eggs on the content of useful substances.Thanks to its excellent taste qualities and benefits of avocado is a part of the set of soups, purees, including as the lead ingredient, dishes, perfectly combined with cereals, other fruits and vegetables, as well as desserts.Because avocados even make ice cream.

We hope our article will help you choose the right rasprobovat avocado and its delicate nutty flavor.