October 01, 2016 23:09

How to pass the mission in Skyrim .Passage quest in Skyrim

In the game world Skyrim often have difficulties with the passage of a quest for the storyline.Sometimes it takes a few days to deal with one task.In this article we will look at the passage of the mission "Ancient Scroll" from Greybeards and to obtain the desired artifact.

Once on the High Hrothgar spoke with Arngeyrom, go to the College of Winterhold magicians.On the bridge awaits Faralda guard, who asks to demonstrate their magical abilities.The skills of persuasion does not help, and still have Faraldu surprise, saying that you - and you know Dragonborn dragon language.

2 After taking in school magicians follow the Hall elements, then the library Arkanium.Among the books you will find heaps of Urag gro-Shub - keeper of ancient knowledge.Questioned him about an ancient scroll until you get the consent of the aid.When the librarian to make sure that the roll will be used in good intentions, he will give you two books.Read them, ask about the orc to the information received, and go in sea
rch of Septimius Segond.

At first sight character is crazy, but listen.the truth lies in the unrelated thoughts.So, you learn that an ancient scroll is the Black Reach.To get to him maybe after passing the city Dwemer ruins - Alftand.We recommend to stock up Khilkov, mana, and master keys.Dwemer machines are fighting very hard, and drop from them delicious.After a long corridor to get to the animators.Be careful on the steep spiral staircase around waiting Falmer - disfigured elves have magic.

After the animators get into the black limit - an enchanted world with dangerous creatures.Do not run headlong to the arrow job.First, kill all the Falmer and search the world far and wide.Collect all of the unique plants that get asked Septimus Segond.They will be useful in the future storyline.You do not do now - run through all the way again in a couple of quests.When all is found, go to the Tower Mzark.Here begins an interesting and unexplored.Your eyes the ancient Dwemer mechanism that protects the ancient scroll.

order to reveal his secret, you must poraskinut brains.First, put the book on the stand and activate the scope.Now press the button three times to open others.One at their activation will start a complicated mechanism.Then you need to put all the mirrors so that the rays converge at a certain place.To do this, try to trim combination to activate the buttons on the column.Hooray!After a few attempts you will still be able to declassify secret code and get the ancient scroll!

However, the mission is not over yet.Cherished artifact obtained, and you can not read.To open a magic item go to the Throat of the World, in a special place where you will be able to know the truth.At the end view video learn powerful scream "Dragonkiller".

That's all.Impossible mission is done.After reading the scroll sell grumpy librarian Urag Gros Coat.It will be incredibly happy.Have a good game!