October 02, 2016 23:00

How to update the software.Instructions for updating software

Over time, the number of programs installed on the computer, rises.Stay tuned becomes more difficult, because if their scores, it is quite troublesome to open and check every new version.Simply update the software with the help of special programs.Or instantly get information about outdated programs, and download updates for most necessary.

Avast Free Antivirus .This free antivirus software not only monitors the security of the system, but is able to update the installed software without going to the site developer.Open Taskbar and click on its icon.Click the "Scan", and then from the list of commands - "Scanning for outdated software."You will see a list of legacy programs that are in red boxes.Next to each of them, click "Update Software".

Do not forget to update to Windows.To do this, open the taskbar and right click on the checkbox notifications expand the list of commands.Select "Open Windows Update."Click on the "Critical Updates" and check the box at all points.Click OK to return
to the Update.Click the "Install Updates".Wait for the installation package, and then restart the Windows, the changes to take effect.

Carambis Software Updater .This free program can be downloaded here.When you run it scans your installed software for updates.Click on "Recent results" and you will find yourself on the web page with the list of programs for which there is an update.Download links for installers and install new versions of the applications.

Software Informer .Download this free software here and install.Click on Software Informer icon on the desktop to run.During «My apps» tab you will see a number of programs that require updates.Choose from a list of necessary and press the green arrow next to the name of the application.Or click on the right side of the window at Software Informer «download update».You will be on the developer's site, where you can download the latest version of the software.

5 If you need to update a particular program, but not all at once, it is enough to run and go to the menu "Help" / "Help" / "the Help".Usually, the update command is either there or in the "About".The program will be updated automatically or redirect you to a page download a new version.After the upgrade will require a restart for the changes to take effect.

You can familiarize yourself with new versions of the programs on this site.Select the OS in the filter and update period.Go to the program by clicking on its name in the list.Click "Download."Indicate the source for the download and then press "Download".

alternative to the previous version - the creation of RSS in Yandeks.Lenta .Updates will be displayed in the form of news, it is more convenient site search.To add the RSS-feed, copy the link and paste it into the field at the bottom of this page.Click "Add" and then "Read my news."You have created a news feed, which will be added on updates information.See all the news in the section "My News" on .

These methods have their drawbacks.Some programs show only a part of the software installed, others refer to the developer's site to download the new version.The search for the software takes time.However, each of these methods works and allows you to update the program to the newest versions.Choose the most convenient for you and forget about the problems with updates.