October 02, 2016 23:00

How to rotate photos .Instructions Rotate photos

in various situations, while viewing photos on your computer, or wish to calculations photo on forums or sots.seti, you may need to rotate the picture.Ways that will perform this task, a great many.Below will be discussed the most frequently used methods of image rotation.

easiest method - is to use standard means of Windows.You do not need to use any program.Open the folder with the photos that you want to rotate.Select photos and click the right mouse button.In the submenu, select the desired rotation of photos - "for" or "against" clockwise.

Among the programs that are in the Windows default, for the task is ideal Paint.It allows you to turn as the whole image or only part of it.In order to download the photo in the program, you can use two methods.One of them - is the use of sub-menus being in the top panel, left side.You must select the command "Open" and specify the desired image.

Or you should use the usual method of copying photos (right mouse button - Copy) and load it
into the program, using the command "Paste".

To rotate a photo in the upper panel of the program use the button "Rotate".This opens a small sub-menu with the ability to rotate a photo in degrees.

If you want to turn only a part of the image, select the portion of the photo the left mouse button.Then click on the highlighted part of the right-and in the submenu select "Rotate".

In cases when you need to rotate photos to any angle, is the best fit Microsoft Office Picture Manager program from the Microsoft Office package, 2003.Copy a photo and open the program.Find the button "Insert" and insert a photo into the program.

Then find the top bar tab "Picture" and click on it.In the popup sub-menu select the item "Turn and reflect ...".

In the right part of the program will display a small menu through which you can rotate photos in the standard range (90 °, 180 °, 270 °) through the key "Turn left / right", and in an arbitrary (0 ° -360 °) by inserting the desired value in the "Degrees" column.

9 Rotate photos as possible and with the help of Adobe Photoshop (in this example, the CS6 version).Open the program and select the desired picture through the top panel (File - Open).

inserting a photo, select the tab in the top bar "image (Image)».In the submenu, scroll to "Rotating an image (Rotate Canvas)».As shown in the screenshot, located lower in Photoshop can rotate the image as at 90 °, and arbitrarily.

selecting items rotate the image 90 or 180, the rotation will be done immediately.Using the function "Shuffle", a window is displayed to the user, in which you must enter the desired value and choose the direction of rotation.

To rotate a photo, you can use the online editors, third-party programs and services.But most people are quite enough, and the methods described above, asthey are the most simple and always at hand.