October 03, 2016 23:13

How to create a new base 1C .Instructions for creating a new database in 1C

performing work in 1C program, for some users, even with solid experience of exploitation, there is a problem with the creation of a new database.The following instructions will be given on an example of version 7.7, with which it is possible to create a fully working in base 1C.It is strongly recommended that you create a backup of data (existing database) in order to avoid emergencies.

1 Run the program 1C, will launch a window.In the column "mode" selection menu, exhibit item "configurator".In the right pane, click on the "Add" button.

will open a new window called "Registration information database" After pressing the button.The window will look like shown in the screenshot below.

3 Click on the "..." button, located to the right of the column "The Way."Of course, you can specify any other database name, user required.

4 is followed to determine the future directory information base.After pressing "Select" future IS will be saved in the specified directory.You can create
a new folder or modify the directory by pressing the button.

Then select the database created in the run box and click "OK".A new window opens with a warning about choosing the right storage format.Make sure that the bottom of the column exposed to the parameter "+ Current system setting", and then press "OK".

After completing the above steps in front of you will open yourself "Configurator" 1C.The window of this mode will look like the screenshot shown below.

looking item "configurator" in the top menu bar.After pressing the submenu fall where we will need to select "Open configuration".

window appears with the full content of all the objects that make up the configuration.Of course, at the moment it is empty and does not carry any information.

The next step is looking for a "Save" button in the top menu bar.Click it and save the empty database.

When saving window appears, regarding the preservation of metadata.Accept the warning window, otherwise the base will not be saved.

Then another warning will appear that there is no data dictionary.Again, we agree by clicking "Yes".

screen appears "Reorganization of the information", which will contain some information about the change in the information structure.Confirm by pressing the "Accept" button.

This process of creating a database will be appears before the user, informing the final stage.

new base is considered to be established.But it is completely empty and has no data, even the standard reference books and documents.If you already have an existing database, you can load it into a new configuration database.For starters will close the configuration window to set up the base contact.

Again we go to the top menu bar, click "Configuration" in the popup menu, select the item "Upload the modified configuration."

16 In the opened window you want us to look for a base from which to take shape.the configuration file in this version is the name (be sure to create a copy of the entire database, which will be up configuration!).After finding the file, select it by pressing the "Accept" button.

highlight warning, informing about the possible destruction of the base configuration.Confirms the action by clicking "Yes".

again on the top menu bar, click "Save"."Data reorganization" window appears in the confirmation of actions.

19 In this case, it will have a different structure is identical to the configuration of the original database.After checking the entire structure click "Accept".

Ultimately, the program will display confirmation of the completion of the reorganization information."OK" Click.As a result, the program has a new database with the old configuration.

At this stage, the creation of a new base 1C is completed.If necessary, you can not load the configuration of the old database.Instructions to copy the old database configuration is shown in the case of the need for the user.