October 08, 2016 23:04

How to remove the password on Windows 8.1.How to run Windows 8.1 without the password


need a password when the computer starts?Firstly, if you have something to hide.Second, to avoid discomfort at the thought that the PC can be unchecked in your absence to seize other people.In all other cases, the percussion every time you turn the password often seems a waste of time.But in the new operating system Windows 8.1 password is preset initially.Therefore, here we will learn how to make the Operating System on the computer to start up easily and freely, without requiring you to some keys.

first step towards the implementation of our project will be a command-line call.In Windows 8.1, it is caused in two ways.After the operating system to boot (still by password), go to your desktop and right-click on the button "Start" in the lower left corner of the shortcut menu highlight.In the drop-spisochki choose the line "Run", then open a command line.Second, a more easy way to launch the command line is pressed on the keyboard combination Win buttons and R.

Moving on.In the box
you need to type a command to invoke the next menu.The command looks like this: netplwiz.We collect it without the quotes and points at the end.

If everything worked right in front of us should be a tab called "User Accounts".It's simple - you want to take a single tick in the menu line is called "must enter a user name and password."Refresh the memory in your account in the computer's user list, it is more useful to us, and we press a button "Apply" or "OK".

It would seem - hurray!But that is not all.The screen is another menu!Afraid it is not necessary.Fill in here your account details, the name or mailbox, which Microsoft registered your system and password.Hit confirmation - and voila!Password for the operating system start-up shot!

If your computer goes into sleep mode, and you want to wake him up, annoying password again require the witness himself.In order to finally deal with him, we performed another simple manipulation.Go back to the start menu, we have already learned, and this time choose the line "Power Management."If you are accustomed to find this option via the control panel, you can use it.Opening the menu, look for the line "a password on wakeup".She is the first.As a result, we moved to the page settings Power button and turn on the computer to protect with a password.

We see that Windows will automatically activate feature to require a password on wakeup.We need to fix it.To do this, click on the line "Change settings that are currently unavailable."

And at the same moment the items are active to make changes, and we confidently prioritize "Do not prompt for the password."Save the changes by clicking the mouse on the button of the same name.Great!Password defeated!

you have disabled the password on your computer, because it is likely to trust the world, and you do not have any incriminating information that you want to hide.Yet, remember that the abnormal situation in the then called supernumerary that occur without taking into account your level of prudence.Do not leave your personal computer without protection, even if there is a theoretical risk of access to unauthorized persons.Perhaps one day it will save you from a very unpleasant situations.