October 08, 2016 23:04

As in Photoshop to make a reflection .Reflection in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a versatile tool for image processing.Until now, it does not disclose the potential at 100%.Some operations are done in a couple of clicks, and other, more complex - using a variety of tools and techniques.Creating reflection for objects or people in the Photoshop - the trend of the past few years.

1 To make the reflection in Photoshop, the first step you need to run the program.Open the desired file for editing.In this example, we use a spoon to Malinka.The line of reflection will be doing at the bottom of the image.

Pre-prepare the desired file, reduce the size of the picture or cut it if necessary.Use a tool specifically designed for this purpose - Frame.

Combining keys Ctrl + J, copy your image into a new layer.Call it a duplicate.To place reflection, add a blank space at the bottom of the picture frame with the same tool, increasing the precursor web.

We are approaching the desired result.Highlight in the Layers panel - Duplicate the layer, flip ve
rtically following commands Edit - Transform - Flip Vertical.

resulting image, move down to a complete and accurate alignment with the upper image, make sure that no white streaks remain.

As a result of all the previous manipulation should get an image very similar to reflection.To achieve a more realistic look by adding a gradient layer to duplicate.Click on the Layers panel at the bottom right icon - the layer mask.The instruments click on the gradient.If instead of a gradient painted bucket, then simply hold the mouse on the bucket and set on a gradient.At the top appears the gradient option, select the Black, White.

hold down the left mouse button, draw a gradient from the bottom-up, vertically, to the original boundaries and reflection.You should get passing from white to black image.Release the mouse Knop.

Our picture is already more like a reflection, but still something is missing.For more similarity result lower part of the image must be filled in gray.Switch to the background layer.Turn off the visibility Duplicate the layer by removing the tick next to the name.Quick Selection tool to fill in label area under the picture.Fill in uniform gray area teams Layers - new layer - fill - color.

Turn visibility Duplicate the layer by placing a check next to the name.Align layers, and the effect will be achieved dissolution of our reflection.

resulting image will be our reflection.The described method is suitable in the case of a horizontal reflection, point to Reflection Transformation horizontally.You can try to change transparency, blending styles and a variety of filters, if desired.

As you can see, in the task to make a reflection in Photoshop - no big deal, most importantly - carefully proceed step by step instructions.Turn imagination, creative approach - and you will always achieve the desired result.The acquired initial skills of work with Adobe Photoshop to help you in the future development of this wonderful program.Good luck!